Dutch Word of the Day
verslaafd: addicted, literally “enslaved”

Bent je verslaafd?
Are you addicted?

Important language point: “Verslaafd”is a strong word in Dutch. If you ask someone in Dutch, “Are you addicted?” using the word “verslaafd” you won’t get a good response. Especially if this person happens to be of African descent. Then it gets very, very uncomfortable. It’s better to ask “Do you enjoy/use drugs?”

This is one of the things we learned today at the Rainbow Centre, which is a drop in center for drug users. We were supposed to have a former prostitute/addict speak to us, but she is currently recovering from hepatitis, so that that wasn’t possible.

I went to the Paradiso tonight and saw the Brazilian Girls. Man, I wish I still had my camera phone. That was a really fun show. For those of you not familiar with them, download “Don’t Stop”, “Sirene de la Fete” and “Pussy.” They did an amazing job on the first two, but were slightly disappointing with the latter, which saddened me seeing as were are in Amsterdam.
There were mostly Americans at this show, a bunch of people from the International School, too. There was a lot of cigarette smoke, which made me miss Bloomberg. And of course weed smoke, which made me happy I bought that French Febreze. Even the band was smoking a fatty on stage.

I’d do the Snoop concert in the spring, but a. it’s sold out and b. with a contact high like that, I don’t think I’d know where I was.

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