In case you didn’t know-

Dutch Word of the Day
atheïst: atheist
De Netherlands heeft veel atheïsten.

The Netherlands has a lot of atheists.

In fact, they have one of the highest populations of atheists, about 35-40%. It’s not present in the in the somewhat militant Richard Dawson Dawkins “God Delusion” manner that this sticker in my hallway suggests, but they just don’t have any use for religion. (Wonder why this sticker is in English?)

I live in the Jordaan, a neighborhood near the Westermarkt, the tallest church in Amsterdam. If you are on the corner on Radhuisstraat and Prinsengracht, you’re basically on the corner of the Westermarkt. Turn left and you’re facing the Homomonument. Turn right and you’re facing the Anne Frank Huis.

Mmm… city planning with a wink.

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