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The More You Know: Region Codes

Dutch Word of the Day
meer: more
De meer je weet…
The more you know…

(This can’t be gramatically correct. It doesn’t even make sense in English.)

Important Info if you Buy A DVD Overseas:

Problem: DVDs are each stamped with region codes. They were invented by the movie industry to allowed DVDs to be release at different times, and prevents mass importing from other countries. For example USA is region 1, Western Europe is Region 2. If you’ve been playing US bought DVDs on your computer all along, you’re computer’s DVD player is set automatically to region 1.

However, if you’re in Amsterdam and find a beautifully priced 5 euro DVD of Kill Bill I, your computer will tell you that you’ll need to switch your DVD’s code to region 2. It’s not a problem, except that there is a finite amount of times that you can switch back and forth. For the Apple iBook G4, this amount of times in 5.

This means that I want to watch my Dutch copy of Kill Bill, I need to switch my DVD region 2. Now I have four chances. Then I watch my American copy of Six Feet Under, and go back to region 1. Now I’m down to three chances.

Solution #1: Buy DVDs that are marked with Region 0. (They are marked with a large number,0-6, over the image of the globe.) Hard to find, but look out for them. They’re like an O-Blood type, that can be used in any machine.

Solution #2: Hack the bitch. Seriously, there is a way around this if you google it. However, it might possibly void your warranty on the computer.

Solution #3: Bring a multi-region DVD player with you when you go overseas. If you already have a separate DVD player, make sure that it can play various formats.

Solution #4: Do what I did and download this DVD program:
It’s a free DVD program that ignores region codes. I went from Kill Bill to R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet with no problem. It’s fabulous.

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