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Broken Commute

Dutch Word of the Day
kapot: broken
Deze huis is kapot.

This house is broken.

But it can and will be mended. Due to the flooding on the subway today, a 45 minute trip to Manhattan became in a 4 hour trek, most of which took place in Brooklyn. I’m not really a huge bus person and was forced to take one today, so I overshot my stop quite a bit. When I walked back, I managed to stumble upon the set of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party with the Broken Angel House at the end of the block. It’s an eccentric house made by eccentric people that played a key role in the film. It was going to get shut down, but it’ll get converted to something else. I was too late for work to try to go inside, but I got some good pictures.


Dutch Word of the Day
favoriet: favorite
Dit is een van mijn favoriet dingen.
This is one of my favorite things.

If you like the Postal Service, but are ok without/don’t like the front man’s voice, you might like Ratatat. They’re totally instrumental and synth, but it’s great study music. I’m still mad that I missed them at the Paradiso. Then again, they came to Amsterdam two days after I did.

As for the Lohan drama: I’ll leave the Herbie Fully Loaded jokes to someone else.

Konijn Eiland

Dutch Word of the Day
konijn: rabbit
Ik ben naar het eiland van konijnen geweest.
I have been to the island of rabbits.

Coney Island is actually named for the little critters that used to live there. It was a Dutch territory (like everything else) called “Rabbit Island.” “Coney” is the anglicized. As for “Eiland”…it’s not even a real island. Whatever.

Today was Siren Fest, a huge music what to do on the boardwalk. It was kind of spur of the moment cause I was wiped after LSAT class, but I’m glad I went. I saw M.I.A. in concert for the second time. It wasn’t as easy as the first time I saw M.I.A../Diplo/DJ Rekha all at the same time at Summerstage two years ago. For one thing, she wasn’t as famous and it was a larger space. Not to mention that it was the only time the opening acts were amazing. Diplo and Rekha were amazing. But today was still really good.

Apparently, she was having visa problems coming from Sri Lanka to America. Well, with lyrics like:

“Down there in my garden/I keep my shit hidden like Bin Laden”
“I be wilder than Tim McVeigh”
“Like PLO I don’t surrend-o!”

… is it any wonder why they gave her issues? Listen to the rest of the CD– everything has its context.

That said, she’s really amazing and I’m a huge fan. Too bad she’s not still with Diplo, I’d love a remix.

I promised to my wife and children…

Dutch Word of the Day
oorlog: war
Ik heb Koud Oorlog Kinderen gezien!
I have seen Cold War Kids!

OK, maybe I should use a more poignant war related sentence since today was Liberation Day, but finally seeing them in concert was awesome. Today was a bit less somber than yesterday. There were a ton of tents and things near Museumplein and some stuff going on by the Westerkerk. Too bad I can’t read. Then I went to Vondelpark and tried to read, but the pollen is really starting to be a problem. Then I went to the concert, and the smoke started to be a problem. I’ve been spoiled by Bloomberg, alas.

This is the third day this week that the Dutch people have as a holiday. We haven’t really had any since coming here, they’re all just coming in now. Something tells me that warm weather is playing a role in this…

PS If you aren’t familiar with Cold War Kids, here’s one of their best songs. It’s the acoustic version of “We Used to Vacation.”

On that note:

This is the video for “Wat wil je doen?” (What do you want to do?) by Party Squad and a million other people. I think it was on the soundtrack for some movie, so all these weird scenes are spliced in. Enjoy!

And Now, A Public Service Announcement

Dutch Word of the Day
: to take

The Nederlanders zijn onze musicals nemen! The Dutch are taking our musicals!

Dear Holland,
Stop stealing Broadway musicals. Don’t you have your own? And when you do steal, please steal something better than Cats. Honestly, what’s next? The Scarlet Pimpernel? At least you took the rights to The Wiz. That’s a step in the right direction.

Now I’m afraid to see the Dutch take on The Wiz:

‘Grease’ Car Makes Pit Stop

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Published: February 27, 2007

A vehicle carrying the Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson of a Dutch production of the musical “Grease” wound up in the orchestra pit during a performance on Sunday night in Almere, nine miles east of Amsterdam, The Associated Press reported.

Jim Bakkum as Danny, the role played by John Travolta in the 1978 film, suffered a concussion, and Bettina Holwerda, in the role played by Olivia Newton-John, might have broken her arm, Dutch television was told by Peter Swinkels, the director of the Almere City Theater.

No musicians were injured when the car, made up of the chassis of a red-and-white convertible and the engine of a golf cart, landed in an empty part of the pit.


Dutch Word of the Day
verslaafd: addicted, literally “enslaved”

Bent je verslaafd?
Are you addicted?

Important language point: “Verslaafd”is a strong word in Dutch. If you ask someone in Dutch, “Are you addicted?” using the word “verslaafd” you won’t get a good response. Especially if this person happens to be of African descent. Then it gets very, very uncomfortable. It’s better to ask “Do you enjoy/use drugs?”

This is one of the things we learned today at the Rainbow Centre, which is a drop in center for drug users. We were supposed to have a former prostitute/addict speak to us, but she is currently recovering from hepatitis, so that that wasn’t possible.

I went to the Paradiso tonight and saw the Brazilian Girls. Man, I wish I still had my camera phone. That was a really fun show. For those of you not familiar with them, download “Don’t Stop”, “Sirene de la Fete” and “Pussy.” They did an amazing job on the first two, but were slightly disappointing with the latter, which saddened me seeing as were are in Amsterdam.
There were mostly Americans at this show, a bunch of people from the International School, too. There was a lot of cigarette smoke, which made me miss Bloomberg. And of course weed smoke, which made me happy I bought that French Febreze. Even the band was smoking a fatty on stage.

I’d do the Snoop concert in the spring, but a. it’s sold out and b. with a contact high like that, I don’t think I’d know where I was.

Holy Cannabis, Batman

Snoop Dogg’s doing a concert in Amsterdam on March 25th.

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