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Inventions such as this drug right here really make me think that we should legalize drugs. Whoever came up with this should stick with crack. Don’t read this while eating!

Party like a rock star? T-t-t-totally don’t…

Dutch Word of the Day
Stome wijfjes.

Stupid b*tches.

Well, they are:

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
For two Northeastern freshmen, school year begins and ends with arrest

By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff

A pair of freshmen at Northeastern University learned a tough lesson before classes even started this semester, when one of them allegedly leaned out the window of his dormitory and yelled something regrettable in earshot of plainclothes police officers.

“If you’re looking for weed, my roommate Ferrante has some for sale,” Michael R. Emery yelled, according to a release issued today by the Suffolk district attorney’s office.

The sales pitch, made Sunday to a fellow student out a second-floor window at the Hemenway Street residence hall, got Emery, 18, and his roommate, Matthew J. Ferrante, 18, in a lot of trouble. After their room was searched and officers found a bevy of marijuana, smoking accessories and liquor, the pair was arrested, arraigned, and apparently thrown out of school….

According to the release from prosecutors, police went to the second floor of the dormitory after hearing Emery yell and found the door open. In plain view was a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a shot glass, and a plastic baggie of marijuana…

As they spoke to the teens, police spotted another bag of marijuana and a glass pipe. The officers read the students their rights and received permission to search the room, according to the release. The search yielded eight small bags of marijuana, a larger bag containing three to four ounces of marijuana, hundreds of clear plastic baggies, and a Triton T2 digital scale. The officers also found a grinder, a bong, $1,045 in cash, bottles of Malibu rum, Smirnoff Twist raspberry vodka, and Southern Comfort, and a vaporizer, a device that uses heat to release marijuana’s intoxicating chemicals but does not burn the plant.

Outside the window of their room, the students had rigged a pulley system that had been designed to raise and lower items from the room directly overhead. It was not immediately how the students were using the pulley system, prosecutors said.

Emery and Ferrante were arraigned Tuesday in Roxbury District Court and charged with possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute in a school zone, possession of alcohol by a minor, and conspiracy to violate the state’s drug laws. The teens were released without bail…

As someone who lived in Amsterdam for some time and has an affinity for the Showtime series Weeds, I have to say that I’m not that much of a party animal about the stuff. (Combination of asthma, apathy, and wee bank account) That said, I think if it was legalized and regulated, drug arrests and street crime around it would certainly decrease. Although vehicular homicide might increase, since the US is so much more car based than the Netherlands and we already have enough problems with drunk drivers, let alone high ones.

One nice thing about weed being illegal: it sure helps you separate the strong from the weak and stupid during orientation. Good job, Northeastern.


Dutch Word of the Day
Onze infrastructuur is zwak.

Our infrastructure is weak.

As much as I enjoyed accidentally stumbling upon the Broken Angel House while I was lost during the subway flooding, I’m really getting concerned about all of these instances of weak infrastructure that we’re having. When you think of the Minneapolis Bridge collapse, the Lexington pipe explosion and levies breaking because of Hurricane Katrina together as a group you realize that these are all failures of infrastructure that should have been prevented long before these things broke and lives were lost.

But since repairs provide more drama and sound bites than preemptive construction, I have a feeling that we’ll just let things rot away. Safeguards need to be put in place.

But you know what gets built instead? Stupid crap like this friggin “Cube of Temptation” from Showtime. I’m not kidding. One of the walls said “Cube of Temptation.” It was in Union Square Park for a day or two, and meant to promote the shows Weeds and Californication. As much as I like what I’ve seen of Weeds and, well, the X-Files, this structure irritated me. For one thing, it wasn’t a cube. A cube is equidistant on all sides. This was more of a rectangular prism. It’s also lasted for four minutes. I only got there to witness it being taken apart. What was in it? Were they giving out weed and porn to promote the respective shows? I’d like to think it was a mini “gedogen zone.” Maybe that’s why they closed up so soon. Too much Amsterdam for one small, rectangular New York space.

Breakfast Suite, Part III: The Coffee Entry

Dutch Word of the Day
overal: everywhere
Er zijn overal!
They’re everywhere!

Reunited and it feels so good. Bye-bye coffeeshops, hello Starbucks. And this Escher-like* take on New York is pretty accurate. As an unofficial LSAT study center for Summer 2007, (Official being New York Public Lie-berry) I love la ‘bucks. But the Manhattan omnipresence is a bit over done.

By the way, Maurits Cornelis Escher was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. I was expecting there to be an Escher Museum nearby, but it’s in Den Haag, not Amsterdam. Like the lack of Rem Koolhaus buildings, this was a little artistic disappointment. So was the Rijksmuseum’s partially open state due to renovation. I’ve always liked Netherlandish art. Maybe it’s time for a trip to the Met.

"Is this 6 o’clock free iPhone Giveaway?"

Dutch Word of the Day
kassa: check out
Dat kassa lijn was het langste ik gezien.
That checkout line was the longest I’ve seen.

I specifically threw myself into the Fifth Avenue iPhone madness to get a picture for this blog. Feel special.

I haven’t been up to the Fifth Avenue Apple Temple of Glass since I walked into the front door in December. Total Windex nightmare, damn near broke my face.

After going through 5 Apple products in total, (taking advantage of the one year replacement warranty), I’ve become something of an iPod Whisperer. I know exactly what cases will scratch them, how not to charge them, how many times to push the next button before they crack. You can ask me about it if you want. If I were to get one of these, I’d wait a while. Why people are leaving Verizon and waiting in line for a first generation Apple product is beyond me; that things gonna be falling apart much sooner than later versions. But the line wrapped around the block.

Remember when the Razr was $500 in 2003? Verizon practically paid me to take this one last fall. Give it a couple years: it’ll be working great and $49.95. Not fun, I know, but trust me.

I wonder if this will be the new Manhattan perpetual line, like Trader Joes near NYU is. Stay tuned!


Dutch Word of the Day
gek: crazy
Dit is te gek.
This is too crazy.

Some cocaine addict in Dussen, Netherlands, was leading the cops on a high speed chase through a cornfield. This is the pattern in the field he left behind. It’s like those atrocious Family Circus cartoons that trace the steps of the little boy through the neighborhood. Except, of course, on cocaine, which is a helluva drug. I’m just amazed by the amount of overlapping swirls, like some kind of avante gard spin on Celtic iron work.

I hadn’t heard Dussen mentioned all the time I was in Amsterdam. You don’t really hear much about the rest of the Netherlands when you’re in Amsterdam. It’s in the southeast, closer to Zeeland than Amsterdam. But I’m sure this’ll put them on the map. This is probably visible from space.

Since I Packed the Dictionary Away: PartIII

Things I’ll Miss:
Walk to Wok
Hearing Dutch everywhere
Pannekoeken aan elke hoek!
Evil Dutch Professor (for real. he’s hilarious!)

Things I Won’t Miss:
The Euro
Bad Internet
Lack of a campus feeling
Drug/Anne Frank tourists (the only thing they have in common? the nuisance they cause)

Because I already packed the dictionary away:

Things I Can’t Wait To Get Back To:

Familiar People
Starbucks (the REAL one, none of this “coffee shop” crap)
English speaking children
English Speaking Everything
Long Manhattan Walks
Familiar Food
Good Wireless Internet
Consistent Warmth
My own room
The Container Store

Amsterdam: Vice City

Dutch Word of the Day
mooi: beautiful
Het is een mooi dag!
It is a beautiful day!

Yes, I am aware that yesterday was 4/20. And yes, I am also aware that I’m currently living Amsterdam. But yesterday really doesn’t mean a lot to me. I’ve never really been a drug doing/non-asthmatic person who would be willing to spend all of that money on the stuff from a coffeeshop. I wouldn’t be surprised if they jacked up the prices just for that day (think chocolates on Valentine’s, flowers on Easter).

After discussing this with my friend Alex (who shall be guest starring very soon, so I’m excited about that) I realized that the drug situation in Amsterdam becomes a lot like the alcohol situation in America. If you come from a country where there’s a ban on alcohol and you decide you’ll take a semester abroad in New York, all of your friends will make booze jokes and assume that’s all you’re going there for. In reality, New York is more than it’s liquor stores, but if you’re from a country without any, it’s assumed that’s all you can think about.

I guess this is a long and polite way of asking people not to make annoying stoner jokes when I come back. (Unless you yourself are a stoner. Then I will grant you immunity.) No, you’re not the first one to come up with it. Yes, I did get the same joke on the way out. It can die now. Thank you.

So it goes.

Yesterday I just went to class, had lunch with my aunt, then slept forever. Not terribly exciting, but it’s all good. I need to get back to the gym. The bike’s been pretty good for exercise, though. It’s currently napping in the bike shelter beneath the building, cause I don’t want it to get stolen.

I think they should make a Dutch version of Grand Theft Auto and have it on a bike. You could just ride around, beating people up and stealing their bikes with a swinging soundtrack in the background. Granted, you can’t really beat up hookers. They’re behind the windows and can push panic buttons if threatened. With the exception of the Hell’s Angels, there’s not a lot of organized crime around here, but I’m sure Rockstar Games will think of something.

Cooking Adventures II: Curry Chicken and Basmati Rice

Second Food Entry of the Day, but that’s aight. This came out better than I thought it would. The rice especially, cause I added in coconut milk, basil and a cinnamon stick. It was amazing. The chicken could’ve been better, but it’s hard to do chicken justice when you haven’t got an oven.

I really wish I could bake. I’m considering a Pancake and Booze party on an upcoming Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned. This is an idea that will probably come back to Amherst as well.

On a completely different note, the longer I stay here the more junkies I see, especially by the Henrikkade where I have class. I saw some guy with a purple beard today. Sometimes, Amsterdam can be such a problem.


Dutch Word of the Day
verslaafd: addicted, literally “enslaved”

Bent je verslaafd?
Are you addicted?

Important language point: “Verslaafd”is a strong word in Dutch. If you ask someone in Dutch, “Are you addicted?” using the word “verslaafd” you won’t get a good response. Especially if this person happens to be of African descent. Then it gets very, very uncomfortable. It’s better to ask “Do you enjoy/use drugs?”

This is one of the things we learned today at the Rainbow Centre, which is a drop in center for drug users. We were supposed to have a former prostitute/addict speak to us, but she is currently recovering from hepatitis, so that that wasn’t possible.

I went to the Paradiso tonight and saw the Brazilian Girls. Man, I wish I still had my camera phone. That was a really fun show. For those of you not familiar with them, download “Don’t Stop”, “Sirene de la Fete” and “Pussy.” They did an amazing job on the first two, but were slightly disappointing with the latter, which saddened me seeing as were are in Amsterdam.
There were mostly Americans at this show, a bunch of people from the International School, too. There was a lot of cigarette smoke, which made me miss Bloomberg. And of course weed smoke, which made me happy I bought that French Febreze. Even the band was smoking a fatty on stage.

I’d do the Snoop concert in the spring, but a. it’s sold out and b. with a contact high like that, I don’t think I’d know where I was.

Holy Cannabis, Batman

Snoop Dogg’s doing a concert in Amsterdam on March 25th.

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