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Because I Already Packed the Dictionary Away: Part II, Reviewing the Reviewers

I like this new series. It’ll last at least until tomorrow, cause I am not cracking that bag open again for awhile. In the interim, let’s review some reviewers, shall we?

The Wallpaper Guide to Amsterdam:
This is the most aesthetically pleasing of the guides. It’s tiny and full of colored pictures of everything you’d want to find in Amsterdam. Everything you’d want if you’re a hipster with overstuffed pockets. Some of the places, like Supper Club, Inter Continental Amstel Hotel, I couldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Hell, after the euro gets through with me, I won’t be able to afford a ten foot pole.

Lonely Planet: AMAZING. Everything you could every want, the entire range of food and hotel accommodations. They include some Dutch history, too and other little tips. It can do no wrong.

Amherstdam: Yeah…it’s not like I even built up a review guide. There’s no real way to feel your way around Amsterdam with this website. I’ve highlighted and defined random words that you’ll never need or use. You know where some hideous children’s clothing, a weird boob statue and strange looking dogs can be found. But I did throw in that pronunciation guide! (Once.)

I think we have a winner.

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