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Semi Annual

Dutch Word of the Day
dubbel: double (an easy one)
“Er zijn chickies met dubbel d’s in de tent!”
“There are chickies with double d’s in the place!”

That’s right, I quoted Party Squad again. Deal with it. “Dubbel Ds”, which is sounds like “double dace” in Dutch, has definately entered my vocabulary as an expression for a well/over done rack, regardless of size.

The Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale is on. Usually, this is an extremely exciting time for me. Everything is on sale and I usually get there when it opens on the first day, or else everything my size is gone. However, I didn’t have the energy this time. Maybe it’s because of the lack of funds after the euro murdered my wallet. But even if I had the money to go nuts, it lacks the fun of a winter sale. That kind of frenzy during the summer just doesn’t seem worth it.

In the interim, I’ll just post this picture of Adriana Lima. I know some of you would appreciate it. Yes, I mean you.

"Is this 6 o’clock free iPhone Giveaway?"

Dutch Word of the Day
kassa: check out
Dat kassa lijn was het langste ik gezien.
That checkout line was the longest I’ve seen.

I specifically threw myself into the Fifth Avenue iPhone madness to get a picture for this blog. Feel special.

I haven’t been up to the Fifth Avenue Apple Temple of Glass since I walked into the front door in December. Total Windex nightmare, damn near broke my face.

After going through 5 Apple products in total, (taking advantage of the one year replacement warranty), I’ve become something of an iPod Whisperer. I know exactly what cases will scratch them, how not to charge them, how many times to push the next button before they crack. You can ask me about it if you want. If I were to get one of these, I’d wait a while. Why people are leaving Verizon and waiting in line for a first generation Apple product is beyond me; that things gonna be falling apart much sooner than later versions. But the line wrapped around the block.

Remember when the Razr was $500 in 2003? Verizon practically paid me to take this one last fall. Give it a couple years: it’ll be working great and $49.95. Not fun, I know, but trust me.

I wonder if this will be the new Manhattan perpetual line, like Trader Joes near NYU is. Stay tuned!

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