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Love to hate ya, baby

Dutch Word of the Day
geheugen: memories
Nevelig, gekleurd water geheugen…
Misty, water colored memories…

I really don’t miss Amsterdam at all right now. I’m not entirely in love with New York, but I prefer it. Sorry about the infreuquent posting. I’ve been very busy with the job(s) and LSAT things to keep up as well. (Yet that’s still not a very good excuse. I have a lot of downtime, I’m just too lazy.)

Before we left my study abroad program gave us these brouchures about “reverse cultural” shock. Haven’t realy felt it yet. Sure, I miss biking, but I know that certain things the are possible in one place aren’t in another. Besides, New York City history and Dutch history, that friendly little reminders are everywhere. From one metropolitan, waterful town to another, it’s not so bad. Now if I had gone from here straight to Amherst…that would’ve been bad.

Although Tiesto is not a part of any kind of history, (in the academic sense) , I had to smile when I saw this poster for his show at Hammerstein. More Dutch in Nieuw York all over again. Wish I could go.

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