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Trompe L’oeil Ending

Dutch Word of the Day
compensatie: compensation
Compensatie is zoet.
Compensation is sweet.

After waiting at Starbucks for 20 minutes for a simple vanilla frap, I got a freebie for next time. Super zoet.

I wanted to see Alison Bechdel read at the Happy Ending’s series in order to solve one question: how to graphic novelists do readings? Do they use a projector? Do they narrate what goes on in each panel? Or, do they just play characters using different voices and focal points a la high school speech and debate? But there were too many people reading ahead of her and I couldn’t stay that late. Now I’ll never know.

So instead I left early wandered around the neighborhood, which was Chinatown right by the Manhattan Bridge. The site of the Reading Series was a little too cool for school. The picture above is the exterior, very unassuming and a bit rundown. But the inside (past another set of doors and down a little corridor) was this very dark and chicly lit bar. Keeping the facade that way was a smart tactical move for masking the gentrification. Kind of makes me wonder about what’s behind all of these homely doors downtown.

June 2007
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