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Someone on the train had a Sony reader that was gray (I selected this photo for the graphics) and the screen was shockingly easy on the eyes. I got horribly motion sick the one time I watched a DVD in a car, so when I heard that electronic books were being made, I kind of cringed. It’s a relief to see that they got it right.

This would’ve been on my Christmas list, but I know that it’ll be $40 in less than 5 years. It’ll probably be a few ounces less. It’s currently $300 at J&R, which is one of the best places for good electronics prices. I don’t know if it’s as dynamic as Amazon Kindle sounds.

Whatever happens, I’m glad that there’s an potentially environmentally sound alternative to paper media. It’ll be so much easier for people to get published if paper costs aren’t a huge deal. One catch: I hope the battery life is decent. My iPod battery life makes me angry as it is, but using a Walkman for all those years prepared me for audio disappointment. (Brought to you by Duracell.) Unless I sleep while reading, I’ve never had a shutdown in the middle of a book. That would just piss me off.

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