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Girl! I wanna take you to a dark room!

…although I doubt that girls are allowed in the dark room. I think these places are slowly closing down one by one, since anonymous sex is less necessary to the queer community (less full closets, therefore allowing more of a variety in levels of intimacy other than solely anonymous) and even if some people want it, it’s shifting to the internet. I don’t know which one is safer: Hundreds of preordained meeting points or one building? Hard to say, really.

This is a photo of the top of the threshold of Dirty Dick’s in Amsterdam. I’m shocked that they even have a sign. I should have taken a photo of “Cockring” when I was there. That place was downright intimidating. It was a leather bar/club down the street, with a windowless green facade, and the club’s name stretched across the front in large iron letters. There’s a slot in the door for the bouncer’s eyes, and they figure you out right then and there. I’ve jokingly threatened to try to get in, but it’s just too scary.

Sex work research leaking into entries much? Yeaah…

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