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The Eurotrash response to Soulja Boy:

Brace yourself for “Alive” by MoNDotek:

Back to the Dam

Sorry for leaving you for so long. Especially with Akon. Yijks.

I’ve been working on a lot of things, particularly with the novel (it’s turning itself into a novel) I’m working on about the Bijlmer. However, I’ve got some fun news: I’ll be in Amsterdam for spring break in a few weeks to do thesis research! I’m very excited about this development, because I’ve never been to the part of Amsterdam that I’m writing about. It’ll be very helpful to go back and get some questions answered.

Akon’s Bijlmer Video

Featuring Dutch rappers Ali B. and Yes-R. Check it.


Two stories of security. First, Geert’s then Hirsi’s, courtesy of

a.) Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders was refused a seat on a KLM flight to Moscow on Monday because of his security demands, news agency ANP reports.

The MP had ‘specific requests for his security’ which had not been made known to the airline in advance, ANP reports.

Wilders is a member of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee which is going to Moscow on a working visit.

b. Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who now works for a right-wing US think tank, would like to become French, according to reports in most of the papers on Monday.

Hirsi Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam, was in France to be awarded the Simone de Beauvoir prize and meet supporters angry that the Netherlands has stopped funding her round-the-clock security.

The Netherlands stopped paying for Hirsi Ali’s protection after she moved permanently to the US. She is now trying to raise the money privately.

Nine Streets

Busy lately. Between school, post school, and watching Dexter and/or Skins (a show deserving of a future post), I’ve barely got time to think of fun things to say. But don’t worry. I’ll be back on my game soon. In the interim, check out this travel article about Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam. I’ve never been to any of the places mentioned. They’re a bit high end for a study abroad budget. Currently, I can barely afford Brooklyn’s own nine streets, which is getting high end in it’s own way.

Damn hipsters and their synthetic cultural capital.

Moord op de dansvloer.

So, this is my current setup. I just got my Denon turntable (little guy at left) and I’m super excited. My desk is officially dominated by audio equipment. (Good thing I virtually live in the computer lab when I do work.) I had some technical difficulty at first, but after a bit, I got used to it. I won’t be up and scratching anytime soon, this will take a lot of practice and experimentation. And Vitamin Water. But I can’t wait to learn.

Tomorrow: Impressions of some fresh nedderap I just got. Oh dear.

Sidebar for Jesus:

The big Jesus in Rio was hit by lightning today:

And I immediately thought of …

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Fashion Week, Dutch Style

This is an older story, but I’ll tell it anyway:

As of January 21 of this year, the city of Amsterdam commandeered 16 windows and turned them into high fashion display windows. The Red Thread is probably pissed. Fashionistas are thrilled.

I’m personally with the RT on this one. If it was a few places here and there, I’d understand. But sixteen windows? That’s excessive. Target. The. Crime. Not the tax paying women. It’s sort of like the age lowering thing; I know it’s meant to fight pimps and drug dealers, but they should really target the pimps and drug dealers.

It’s been a quiet week in Amherst, my (NON) home town

Time to put the L in AWOL. I’ve been rather busy lately, as I am wont to do. There’s the Proj Awkward stuff, a large Amsterdamse thesis, and school work in general. I’m going to try to post this week, but I can’t make any promises.

The thesis in question (see the related library books) has to do with the Bijlmerramp, male and female prostitution, immigration to Holland, and 1992. If anyone knows about any of these things, (and how we do in XR2) do let me know.

Project Awkward 08:Finally

Finally, the nerdy Project Runway contest of mine is looking up:

Step 1: Come up with an Amherst inside joke/ slogan we can all enjoy.

Step 2: Design the shirt on

Step 3: Vote!
This year, Project Awkward will host a design contest to see what this year’s next big shirt will be. The winning team will win neighborhoodies with their design (or the original) and will be announced in a Project Runway spoof on Youtube. Most importantly, the proceeds go towards helping to fight AIDS.

Email for details.

Natalee Holloway meets Hercule Poirot

This is what’s in the news:

Dutch tv crime journalist Peter R. de Vries claims to have solved the mystery surrounding the disappearance of US teenager Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba. The Aruban authories say they have re-opened the case.

De Vries said he used a hidden camera to answer most of the questions surrounding the girl’s disappearance. Holloway vanished while on holiday on the former Dutch colony of Aruba in May 2005.

Holloway’s mother Beth Twitty was in the Netherlands on Thursday to discuss the case with De Vries. ‘It was very emotional,’ the reporter told tv programme Hart van Nederland.

In a press release published on De Vries’ website, the Aruban justice ministry says the fresh information ‘may shed new light on the way Natalee Holloway died and the method by which her body disappeared.’ It says it is currently investigating the ‘reliability and value’ of the information.

De Vries has refused to go into further details. The full results of his investigation will be broadcast during his Sunday night tv show on SBS.

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