Moord op de dansvloer.

So, this is my current setup. I just got my Denon turntable (little guy at left) and I’m super excited. My desk is officially dominated by audio equipment. (Good thing I virtually live in the computer lab when I do work.) I had some technical difficulty at first, but after a bit, I got used to it. I won’t be up and scratching anytime soon, this will take a lot of practice and experimentation. And Vitamin Water. But I can’t wait to learn.

Tomorrow: Impressions of some fresh nedderap I just got. Oh dear.

1 Response to “Moord op de dansvloer.”

  1. 1 Vicky February 28, 2008 at 14:31

    oK, So I’ve been thinking a lot about learning how to DJ and I doubt I’d be doing it at parties or anything but I’d still like to learn. But before I make any commitments I was wondering where I can learn some more about DJing? Are there any websites you use or did you just learn it all as you went along. Also, I’ve been finding some conflicting prices online for DJ Starter Kits. What kind do you have and was it like crazy expensive??

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