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OK, konijntje, het is je dag vandaag

My friend Ashley sent me an article yesterday, and I meant to mention it. Apparently, a bunch of Dutch people (including the Prime Minister and heir to the throne) went over to New York to celebrate the 400th birthday of New York City. Way to trade places with me, guys. I’m guessing they went shopping, too.

I think the Dutch are still kicking themselves for selling New York for $24. (Stupid, stupid, stupid.) This explains why they constantly remind me that Harlem is named after Haarlem and Brooklyn, my hometown, is named after Breukelen. Oh, well.

Anyway, today’s song was a hit in Holland earlier this year. I still love it. It gts good after 0:15. And if anyone can recommend some new Dutch techno/nederrap, I’d appreciate it!

Download Konijntje (Remix) by AKA The Junkies

Let’s do some shots, you know I can’t turn ’em down.

People use water here for everything. The canal system serves as a water park, a great place for a restaurant on a barge, and, for an unfortunate many, an impromptu bike lot. I’ve seen the canal cleaning boat twice since I’ve been here, (without my camera, alas) and both times it’s been piled high with blackened bicycles scraped from the bottom of the grachts.

They probably landed there because some bicycle thieves rode them for a victory lap, then shoved the evidence in the drink when they got bored. Speaking of drink, here’s another theory: inebriated miscalculation. I’ve never been drunk on a bike, but I’m clumsy enough to have trouble parking it sober. Some people probably tried to chain their bikes to a bridge or some other railing, and the bikes went overboard. Or, even better, they cycled right into the canal. I’m not sure how deep the canals are but I think they are easy to escape if you fall in. They’re definitely nasty enough to motivate an escape. I mean, houseboats use them a sewers. Hell, drunken pedestrians use them as sewers! It’s gross.

Anyway, here’s the song of the day: Nosebleed by Illinois. You might know it from an episode of Weeds or from me yacking on about what a good song this is. Enjoy!

Download Nosebleed by Illinois.

“Girl, I’ll love you… tonight.”

I  was taking a break from reading religious texts and banging out seriously typo-ed posts (thanks for the heads- up, Martlock) when I discovered this classy “Eros Centre” standing a mere three blocks from my house. Leiden doesn’t have a red light district, but it’s still in the Netherlands. I was bound to run into a brothel/ sex club eventually.

At first glance I thought it might be a dance club or a sketchy singles bar, but the hours posted on the door were something like 12:00-16:00. Probably not a dance club. There’s no Grolsch or Heineken sign above the door. And it literally has red lights out front.

Like most things seedy and inappropriate, this made me miss my undergrad thesis.

Speaking of seedy and inappropriate, this Diplo/Spank Rock remix is great. It’s re-fried 2 Live Crew with a catchy Beach Boys sample. Beautiful.

Download Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix)

My sneakers mo’ cleaner than yours…

I don’t know who this adorable child belongs too, but this picture makes me day. You know what else makes my day? The prospect of moving from my current dorm. With shared bathrooms and kitchens (that are not cleaned as regularly as they should be) it’s OK if you’re here for a semester, but not for a year as I plan to be. The hunt has begun. I pray that it ends very, very soon. Stay tuned. Anyway, today’s song is Mastered, brought to you by Lupe Fiasco and A-trak. Well, at least think it’s Mastered. I’ve seen this .mp3 called Mastered, Running Man, or Sneakers. For the sake of today’s picture, let’s stick with Sneakers. Download Sneakers by Lupe Fiasco and A-Trak

Vruchten van de Zee

Today was market day in Leiden. It’s a 5 minute bike ride up Niewe Rijn from me. The lines of vegetable, cheese, and Lord knows what stalls are very crowded, but it’s fun. I finally had herring! In this case, haring broodje. It’s herring and onion in a bun. It was…interesting. Like sushi, but less tame. But it’s not bad. I could have it again, as long as I carry gum with me this time.

So let’s try this music thing again. I can’t promise that they song will always match the post. La Mer, the herring; the connection is pretty obvious. And the song is quite good. I’ve always been a fan of the Bobby Darin version, Beyond the Sea, but this one is pretty sweet.

Download: La Mer by Charles Trenet

Just a test

If I insert Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy, will it work?

Hearts on Fire- Cut Copy

Yes, it will! Oh, good. I think this will be fun. I’ve always wanted to post music stuff here. Especially since I’ve got all this Euro-pop around me. Stay tuned.

Do you believe in life after sexual eruption?

This little ditty is making my week. It’s Cher vs. Snoop Dogg. It’s kind of beautiful. And why am I only catching onto BootieUSA now? Oh, right: because my iBook is slowly dying and I’m afraid to tax it too much. That’s why. Hopefully, I’ll have a new Macbook over the summer. I’m thinking of getting either Traktor or Serato (yes, I know) and I can’t get either one of those until I get something that doesn’t eat it’s own battery power.

However, the main problem with this iBook is the battery stuff. I’m sure if I were to buy a new battery, new charger, and a new memory+ external hard drive, I’d be in good shape. Then again, by the time I spend that money I might as well by a new one and treat it right the first time around. I don’t think I’ll throw this one away, though. If I slowly accumulate the proper parts it could be a sturdy backup.

It’s the final countdown

I’m spending my last week before the summer at Amherst. It was pretty deserted today, but I’m sure I’ll find people to hang out with. I’m not sure of what next year will bring, but I’m glad it’s not more of the same. It’s not that I’m tired of learning, but I’m tired of this. It’s the perfect time for me to go. I’ll enjoy what I can, warm up the camera, read a few books and lay in the sun, but I think I’m peacing out at the right time.

PS Isn’t this record great? I’ve been seriously considering yielding to temptation and getting two Technics and Serato Scratch, so this is particularly amusing to me right now.

Wiebelen, Wiebelen

Man, the Dutch love some ugly shoes. I found this Croc-House on Kalverstraat a few weeks back. Just wanted to share it with you; misery loves company.

So: I’ve got a new mixer, on the way to getting the second turntable, and probably a senior week vacay. More dance floor moratorium and Amherst to come.

Be back soon; I’m too busy being a senior in college.

PS How do audio inserts work with this blog?

Dance Floor Moratorium: 4 Minutes

When I heard Madonna and Justin Timberlake were working together, I was looking forward to it. They had me at “collabo.” And I hate when people say “collabo.”

But 4 Minutes sounds like something the Crocmen dragged in, with Timbaland’s “freekuh- freekuh” help. If you request this I might play Sexyback , followed by Hung Up, followed by Promiscuous. But I’m sure as hell not playing this.

Dance Floor Moratorium

The title explains itself. Thanks to my lovely seniordom + thesis, I can only go to parties that I’m working at. Therefore, if I am spinning a party, (hell, if I am at a party) you may no longer request the following soul crushing hits. I can only hope that I can start a movement of song euthanasia:

Soulja Boy
Cotton Eyed Joe
Dancing Queen
Come on Ride the Train
Anything by Flo Rida or Miley Cyrus

Acceptable Substitutes are:
The Electric Slide
Jimmy by M.I.A.
Love in the Club (for now)
Anything but Flo Rida and Miley Cyrus

Oh, I’m just getting warmed up…Any “requests”?

The Eurotrash response to Soulja Boy:

Brace yourself for “Alive” by MoNDotek:

Moord op de dansvloer.

So, this is my current setup. I just got my Denon turntable (little guy at left) and I’m super excited. My desk is officially dominated by audio equipment. (Good thing I virtually live in the computer lab when I do work.) I had some technical difficulty at first, but after a bit, I got used to it. I won’t be up and scratching anytime soon, this will take a lot of practice and experimentation. And Vitamin Water. But I can’t wait to learn.

Tomorrow: Impressions of some fresh nedderap I just got. Oh dear.

Sidebar for Jesus:

The big Jesus in Rio was hit by lightning today:

And I immediately thought of …

Continue reading ‘Sidebar for Jesus:’

I might have to go there

I was reading the Turntable Lab blog, and learned that there is a DJ school in…guess… the Netherlands. It’s a merger of my post 2007 dreams come true. Every since I threw a wonderful Pancakes, Booze and American Pop Party on the Prinsengracht I’ve connected the NL with good times in DJing. This excludes the night at Dansen bij Jansen when the DJ abused the smoke machine in order to compensate for a sloppy night. Other than that, fun times. I’d love to go here. Check it. It’s a school attached to a hotel, and there are setups in every room, so you needn’t drag your own around.

It would be fun to see what formal training looks like, meet more people, and get exposure to other setups. And more time to practice my Dutch!

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