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That’s the way it is in Minnesota, that’s the way it is in Oklahoma-homa

Today, I am proud to be an American, proud to be black, proud to be the child of an immigrant and proud to be the sibling of a Harvard Law graduate. (That’s a long bumper sticker, isn’t it?) Other than that, I’m speechless. But I’m not songless.

I’ve been obsessing over “Shores of California” by the Dresden Dolls for the past few days. Mainly, because I’ve been wondering about the way it is in Minnesota, Oklahoma, etc. Unfortunately, for the titular area of the world, they have lost the right to marry whoever they damn please. However, if Prop 8. had not been passed and McCain/Palin won, I’d consider it a temporary victory, soon to be brutally smashed.

We’ll see. We’ll call Jack Bauer, and see.

Shores of California by the Dresden Dolls

Official Amherstdam Endorsement

And now you know.

Open Letter to Bob Johnson:

Dear Bob Johnson,

You’re little race traitor, aren’t you? Seeing you on that stage, calling Obama a druggie and sticking up for the Clintons reminded me just how dangerously pathetic you are. Congratulations, you found another way to sell out Black America all over again. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Barack Obama 08,

PS Get the hell out of St. Maarten. Rumor is you vacation there. MY FAMILY LIVES THERE. GET THE FUCK OUT.

Murder on the Bike Path

I’m about thirty pages into a Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Buruma. So far, it’s very good. It’s mostly about the 2004 stabbing of Theo van Gogh, as well as the killing of Pim Fortuyn, the wacky, openly gay right wing politician who had a huge following. They were friends and very anti-Muslim. Van Gogh was killed by a Muslim fundamentalist, but Fortuyn had been killed by a Dutch animal rights activist.

Only in the Netherlands.

I’m still looking for a more 1992 centric source for daily life in Amsterdam. And I’m not finding enough English language resources about the daily lives/roles of foreigners in Amsterdam. Until I do, I’m sure I can just make some stuff up, polder it out and create ground to stand on where there was none before. It’s a very Dutch thing to do.

Mooi Vrowen: Lucia Rijker

Ladies and Gentlemen,
meet Lucia Rijker (foreground.) She looks very capable of completely fucking you up, doesn’t she? She is a boxer from Amsterdam. Her mother’s Dutch, her father’s from Suriname. She is virtually undefeated. After, she retired from boxing, she went into showbiz. She was in Million Dollar Baby, and was a minor character on the L Word’s second season. Curiously, she’s back this season as a completely different minor character, specifically a prison inmate. I guess we’re supposed to assume that Dana’s personal trainer fell on some hard times. Yeeeeaaaah. Anyway, she’s absolutely lovely and deadly. Great combination.

I also love that she’s playing an prison inmate at her last name sounds a lot like “Rikers.” In fact, Rikers Island Prison in New York is named after Dutch settler Abraham Rycken. Not spelled the same, but it still works.

Politically Correct Netherlands

The Politically Correct Netherlands: Since the 1960s

Very useful book from Strand. It was originally $99 but I got it for $30. Nearly everything that I’ve found in the library is from below 1992. It was written in 2000 and is an overview/criticism of when the Netherlands’ liberal policy. Surprisingly, there are no mentions of prostitution. It does not explain the Bijlmer crash as extensively as I want, but there is a useful part about it. It does touch on a lot of things that I wanted to know about; race relations, AIDS politics, all of the social taboos. Except prostitution. But it’s decently comprehensive. Does anyone have any book suggestions for:

-The Bijlmer Crash
-Surinamese Immigration to the Netherlands
-Prostitution in the Netherlands (and I want it for BOTH ALL sexes)
-Dutch Schooling
-Anything in the Netherlands in 1992

Hirsi Ali

Dutch Word of the Day
to jump
Sprong rond!

Jump around!

Oh, Ms. Hirsi Ali. You gotta settle down for a minute. Somalia to Amsterdam to America to Amsterdam again? I will say that I’m somewhat jealous of the amount of time she spent in Amsterdam; I’ve had a very harder time readjusting back to Amherst than I thought. But all this strange jumping around is undisclosed locations absurd.

The Dutch are threatening to cut off her bodyguard service, and she wants it back. Her life is in great danger unless she has that protection. It’s surprising that they cut her off like this. I wonder what’s next?


Dutch Word of the Day
De orkaan staat bij peil vier.

The hurricane is at level four.

Normally I’d have my beautiful woman of the day, but there’s something a bit more pressing. Hurricane Felix, which was at category 4 (and later 5) went through Aruba and other Dutch Antillean islands (as well as many other places in the area.) Thankfully, no one died, but the island got drenched and there were a lot of floods. This is unsual, because Aruba’s normally quite dry. I hope this thing dies soon.

Mooi Vrouw: Kerry Washington*

Dutch Word of the Day
mooi: beautiful, lovely
Dit is de mooi vrouw voor vandag!
This is the beautiful woman for today!

Oh, Kerry Washington. I might be mad at her for participating in the Spike Lee improbability/ stereotype fest known as She Hate Me, but besides that, what’s not to love? I just saw her in an episode of Law & Order: SVU and was reminded of how good she was as Idi Amin’s wife in The Last King of Scotland. She’s gotten small roles in other things, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but we should see more of her.

I also love Kerry Washington because she’s another outer-borough black kid who survived a crazy all girls school on the Upper East Side. She’s from the Bronx and went to Spence; I’m from Brooklyn and went to Marymount. This guarantees that she has a good sense of humor, too.

*Trying a new Monday feature of picking people I like for whatever reason, writing about them and labeling it mooi vrouwen (yes, even the boys). If you’ve got nominations and feedback I’d be happy to hear from you. Enjoy!

And it goes on and on, my friend…

Dutch Word of the Day
feest: party
De feest nooit eindigt!
The party never ends!

I finally went out on the town last night and 21-ed it up on Hudson street. Good times. I like New York a lot, although we lack the liberal wackiness of Amsterdam, and the duty free liquor of the Antilles (as seen above).

I have a ton of family between Aruba and St. Maarten. Consequently, I have a ton of Dutch stuff around my house, including delft and Vermeer/ Rembrandt prints. It’s one of the things you take for granted growing up. Who doesn’t have 3-4 delft dutch boys and girls kissing randomly placed throughout the house? Then you realize that there aren’t that many Antillean kids in the neighborhood. Oh, there are tons of West Indians because it’s Brooklyn. But not Antilleans.

In fact, aside from my brother, I haven’t met that many other Antillean American kids. I think they all just stay between the islands and Holland. It’s a pretty smart move.

On that note:

This is the video for “Wat wil je doen?” (What do you want to do?) by Party Squad and a million other people. I think it was on the soundtrack for some movie, so all these weird scenes are spliced in. Enjoy!

Can you! Feel a! Brand New Day!?!

Dutch Word of the Day
zwarte: black
Ja, we hebben zwarte mensen.
Yes, we have black people.

For those who doubted that there were a lot of black people in the Netherlands, I ask you: How is this production of the Wiz, “de musical”, happening in Utrecht, hm? Hm??? Most of the black people here are from Suriname, Aruba and the Antilles. Note that Aruba and the Antilles are not one and the same anymore. (Kind of like Diana Ross and the Supremes, yes?)

I wish it was all in Dutch, I’d totally see it.

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