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That was waaaay too short–

That visit was way too short, but seriously productive. It’s strange to be back in New York, and Amherst will feel even weirder. I can’t help but have the strangest urge to move there.

At the baggage claim, I was standing next to little Dutch family of three looking for their bags on the trolley. They had a little girl, about the same age as my adorable little cousin who I met yesterday, and they were all speaking Dutch. This made me overwhelmingly homesick for the Netherlands. I think I need some recovery time, but I just don’t know when.

In the interim, I’ll just watch this video and wish I was there:

I know every place in this video

I ran so far

They won’t let me post the video, so click here.

I’ve been showing this SNL Digital Short to everyone I know. It’s kind of amazing. Mahmoud and Andy, good luck.

Under Armor Meisjes

Dutch Word of the Day:
Deze keus is dudelijk.

This choice is self explanatory.

So the mooi vrouwen for today have no name. They are just the cast of the best Under Armor commercial I have ever seen. The seconds between 0:47 and 1:02 make me want to join a volleyball team. Or at least be in a enough shape to pretend that I’m on one.

Back with a Bounce

Dutch Word of the Day
to do
Het is uw ding…doe wat je wil doen.

It’s your thing…do what you want to do.

We’ve got a very timely Mooi Vrouw this week: MIA is coming out with her new album, Kala, tomorrow. I strongly encourage you to buy it. (No, not rip it off Limewire as you usually would, but buy it.) She’s an extremely talented artist but she doesn’t have a lot cash. I mentioned her already in a post about Siren Fest, but she’s worth the repeat.

The video is from the new album and the song is called Boyz. I’m so excited for the whole thing to come out tomorrow.

Let’s keep this ball rolling

Dutch Word of the Day
happy, also slang for gay
Vrolijk Maandag!

Happy Monday!

I had a case of the jury duty today. I’ve mentioned this previously, but jury duty doesn’t exist in the Netherlands. Just saying.

Anyway: my mooi vrouw for today is Rachel Maddow. Sure, I’m mad at her because her eponymous Air America show is no longer a free podcast. But that’s OK because she’s just so darn smart! I’m serious. She’s got a mind like a trap. Watch her on The Situation with Tucker Carlson or when she randomly shows up on Paula Zahn Now. She’s got a great approach to arguing without putting other people down, yet still coming out on top.

She’s very left leaning, but also not afraid to criticize and point out when the left goes wrong. (see above video) Maybe I might pay for that podcast after all…

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…are you still a dumbass?"

This is still funny in the summer: It’s the Scrubs’ cast take on A Charlie Brown Christmas. I sat in Smudd watched it repeatedly through winter finals rather than doing work. I’m no Superman. Enjoy!

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