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No spoilers here:

(Stolen from Koreanish, and he took it from someone else.) This is a wordle rendering of my thesis. It’s odd viewing a piece of work like this. It’s like all those months of work boil down to a bunch of keywords. There’s something sad about how easily is can be reduced to a pile of words, but I love neat little cells, so it’s also strangely appealing about this.

After this summer’s revision, I want to watch the words shift. Some of them need to get smaller, and others need to get larger.

Joseph O’Neill: He’s alright!

I went to a reading of (aforementioned) Netherland at McNally-Robinson tonight. I’m a quarter through the book, and I love it. O’Neill signed it, and we commiserated about the DMV (read the book and find out). So far, I absolutely love this novel, particularly this little patch of writing right here:

…Later that night, she said, “Talk to me in Dutch,” and I did. Lekker stuk van me, I growled. “On second thoughts,” she said, “don’t talk to me in Dutch.”

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Because it’s true

I should add a serif publishing tag, I love them too much. But I just had to share this because it’s true:

“Don’t play music through the loudspeaker on your mobile. That does not make you cool. It makes you fucking irritating.”

OK, the last couple of words is a dead giveaway, but I’m proud of myself for getting the gist.

So tired right now

Hey all,

Sorry. Druk, druk, druk. Be back soon. Faster, stronger, better/Vaster, sterker, beter. (En minder misselijk.)

I can tell you that I’m working on a new translation feature. I might need some help since I’ve got some leaky grammar, but I think it’ll be fun.


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