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I smell a field trip to Rotterdam!

They’ve always been creative about architecture over there. This particular firm, MVRDV, seems to have an emphasis on creating high buildings to avoid urban spawl. Elevator or no elevator, I’d really hate to live on anyone’s 10th floor, but the buildings are fun to look at. It’s amazing to see how many building’s I’ve passed in Amsterdam were made by these guys.

Read about them here.

Saving you the Wikipedia Trip: Dutch Soccer Teams

rotterdam, feyenoord, middle finger


Feyenoord: Rotterdam (this charming little fella’s team)

ADO Den Haag: The Hague

AZ Alkmaar: Alkmaar

FC Utrecht: Obvious

FC Twente: Enschede

Play Your Part, Part 1 by Girl Talk

Dijken to Watch Out For

Dutch Word of the Day
Deze mouwen zijn lelijk.

These sleeves are ugly.

It’s a shame because other than that, it’s a hot shirt. It from Uniqlo, Japan’s better dressed/priced answer to the Gap. They’ve actually made a bid to purchase Barneys which blows my mind. You can read about it here.

Anyway, Uniqlo has a series of graphic tees from artists and graphic designers it looks all well and good. Most of the designers are from Japan, but there is a shirt from Toko, a Dutch group from Rotterdam. “Duik in de Dijk” means “Dive into the Dike”, and is a reference to the Oostzeedijk (east sea dike?) section of Rotterdam.

I like the font, I like the Dutchness, but dang it: I hate the sleeves.

Welkom op Nederlands….wijfje!

Dutch Word of the Day
reus: giant
De Nederlandse mensen zijn reuzen.
Dutch people are giants.

These people are so tall! It’s insane. I’m feel even shorter than usual.

I’m here in Rotterdam for now (in Hotel Bastion until I can go to my dorm tomorrow.) Man, I’m wiped. It’s slightly rainy about, but there’s no snow and the grass is just as strangely green as it is in New York. More later when I get to my dorm. Back to watching ther German version of Idol (Deutschland Super Star.)

PS If Gudrun was a luggage tag, she’d be this one. It’s bright neon, quick to find and was quite helpful today.

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