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Promoting Alan Astor (If He’ll Let Me)

I’ve found another DJ to obsess about: Alan Astor of Brooklyn, New York. He’s a pretty sweet remixer. His album is posted through his myspace (for PROMOTIONAL USAGE ONLY, mind you), but you have to listen through a minute or so of irritating radio skits to get to the actual remix. Download it anyway.

Here are a few tracks by him, including his remix of Paper Planes, which you can’t find on the myspace album. I’m usually partial to Diplo’s remix of Paper Planes with Bun B and Rich Boy, but Astor’s won me over. (P.S. I have way too many remixes of Paper Planes. It’s not right, but it’s OK.)

Paper Planes (Alan Astor remix) by M.I.A.

Love in this Club (Alan Astor remix) by Usher feat. Young Jeezy (starts at 0:45)

Just Fine (Alan Astor remix) by Mary J. Blige (starts at 0:57)


Far Away on the Dancefloor

At Amherst, my favorite song to hear (or play) at a party was Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor. I have a frightening obsession with this song that I’m still battling to this day. I am guilty of running up to the booth and yelling “Do you have Murder on the Dancefloor?” and “Heb je Murder on the Dansvloer?” (On that note, can they sell that record in the Netherlands? No one has it here.)

Now, I’ve found my grad school (or at least Leiden) equivalent of the song that I can’t put down: Far Away by Cut Copy. Absolutely hooked on it. If anyone can make a palatable mash-up of these two, you will be my hero. I know it doesn’t sound plausible, but if someone could make a Public Enemy vs. Bextor remix, anything can happen.

Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor

Far Away by Cut Copy

Public Dancefloor (Public Enemy vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor

Far Away (Solly Remix)

Relief of Leiden: Party and Bullshit

So, this weekend is the Relief of Leiden. Think of Queensday, but without the orange and only happening in one city. It is crazy to get around. There is lots of beer, peeing in the canal, and a few fights here and there. And some techno thrown on for good measure. Beautiful.

The night before, I saw a guy a the supermarket who literally had his cart packed to the brim with hutspot (traditional Dutch potato/cabbage thing), beer, and, of course, toilet paper. It was  surreal amount of toilet paper. I guess he came prepared.

This brings us today’s song, a Ratatat remix of Biggie’s Party and Bullshit. Enjoy! I know I have.

Party and Bullshit remix

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