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Project Awkward 08:Finally

Finally, the nerdy Project Runway contest of mine is looking up:

Step 1: Come up with an Amherst inside joke/ slogan we can all enjoy.

Step 2: Design the shirt on

Step 3: Vote!
This year, Project Awkward will host a design contest to see what this year’s next big shirt will be. The winning team will win neighborhoodies with their design (or the original) and will be announced in a Project Runway spoof on Youtube. Most importantly, the proceeds go towards helping to fight AIDS.

Email for details.

Udink zo?

Back for a minute with a wee Debbie Downer:

Associated Press – September 23, 2007 6:55 PM ET

MERLIN, Ore. (AP) – A southern Oregon family has been ordered to turn in the vanity license plates for their cars because the state finds their Dutch name can be interpreted as offensive.

The plates UDINK1 UDINK2 and UDINK3 are on the vehicles of Mike and Shelly Udink and their son, who live in Merlin.

The plates were deemed offensive by a ten-person Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division panel that approves custom plates.

One panel wrote that Dink has several derogatory meanings and can be a racial slur, especially toward Vietnamese.

Mike Udink says his name is common in The Netherlands, and wonders how a panel can dictate that someone’s name is offensive.

A DMV spokesman says the state has the right to censor license plates because the state owns them.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Dutch Word of the Day
schijven: to write
Ik moet veel meer schijven.
I should write more.

I really should. But like I said, I’m still figuring out the direction of this blog. My time at Amherst will be a lot more
interesting because I’ve got RC-ing, the thesis, and Project Awkward and other fun messes to get into. I’ve only been here for nine days, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’ll figure this out. This could be:

a. Thesis Pain Rant
b. Project Awkward Progress
c. A Blend of Both, with some summer stuff

In the interim, I’ll just read these books from for my senior exam. (shakes fist at Amherst English department)

Anyway, there was a cute little fair in Park Slope. I shouldn’t say little , it extended through most of 7th Avenue.

It’s getting hot. I might have to start rockin’ a parasol.

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