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Nine Streets

Busy lately. Between school, post school, and watching Dexter and/or Skins (a show deserving of a future post), I’ve barely got time to think of fun things to say. But don’t worry. I’ll be back on my game soon. In the interim, check out this travel article about Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam. I’ve never been to any of the places mentioned. They’re a bit high end for a study abroad budget. Currently, I can barely afford Brooklyn’s own nine streets, which is getting high end in it’s own way.

Damn hipsters and their synthetic cultural capital.

Furniture Hooks

Dutch Word of the Day
Ik kan zonlicht opnieuw zien!
I can see sunlight again!

It’s really getting nice here in Amsterdam. It’s supposed to be 72 degrees tomorrow (which they call 22). Too bad I still have some papers to wrap up now. Sometimes tt’s either too rainy to compel oneself out of bed, or to nice to want to stay inside cranking out a paper.

This is Amsterdam at around 8 PM. These are furniture hooks at the top of the homes along the canal. Since the doors are too narrow to move furniture through, they move in through the windows. I’ve seen a piano get moved into a window with a conveyor belt. The hooks are there for decoration only now, but they’re still quite fun to look at.

PS This week’s episode of This American Life is amazing. Worth the download.


Dutch Word of the Day
het venstra:
the window

Er staat een Nederlander in mijn venstra.
There is a Dutchman in my window.

I woke up to the sound of loud Dutch and clanging metal coming from the Prinsegrancht back yard. At first, I thought they were dismantling the old bike racks in the basement. Turns out they’re building a scaffold. Right in front of my window.

Hopefully they’ll work faster than their New York counterparts. This might be a while.

Why everyone should live in an international school dorm, at least once:

Actual conversation in my hallway:

Brazilian Guy: So tonight, I was thinking we could first go to a jazz concert-
Eastern European Guy: WHAT?
Brazilian Guy: You know, a jazz concert.
Eastern European Guy:Oooh…haha, I thought you said a jism concert.

In case you didn’t know-

Dutch Word of the Day
atheïst: atheist
De Netherlands heeft veel atheïsten.

The Netherlands has a lot of atheists.

In fact, they have one of the highest populations of atheists, about 35-40%. It’s not present in the in the somewhat militant Richard Dawson Dawkins “God Delusion” manner that this sticker in my hallway suggests, but they just don’t have any use for religion. (Wonder why this sticker is in English?)

I live in the Jordaan, a neighborhood near the Westermarkt, the tallest church in Amsterdam. If you are on the corner on Radhuisstraat and Prinsengracht, you’re basically on the corner of the Westermarkt. Turn left and you’re facing the Homomonument. Turn right and you’re facing the Anne Frank Huis.

Mmm… city planning with a wink.

Dutch Word of the Day: huis: house; also a hit sh…

Dutch Word of the Day:
huis: house; also a hit show on FOX that I miss right now
Onze huis…in het midden van de straat.
Our house…in the middle of our street.

This is the hallway in the Prinsegracht. It’s a little hotelish, but hey. Here’s a phonetics lesson:

Dutch Spelling=English prounciation
ie= ee

No wonder it’s not a business language.

Dutch Word of the Day gracht: city canal Dit is m…

Dutch Word of the Day
gracht: city canal
Dit is mijn gracht.
This is my canal.

This is what the Prinsengracht looks like near the Anne Frank Huis, which is a block from me.

Quick language note: the canals within the city are called grachts, the ones outside the city are simply canals. I bought a ton of things today, including a cellphone, a toaster, textbook, notebooks and some groceries. I walked a whole lot cause I didn’t want to waste my strippenkaart (their equivalent of a metrocard, though not as effiecient as ours. Some kind of party tonight sponsored by the ISN. I don’t know if I’ll go. I’ve been a lameass about parties and orientation events, but I’m still a little jetlagged.

I won a bike lottery so I’m getting one soon. That means I can join the citizen run roving death squads that patrol the streets.

Nap time!

Lucy, I’m home.

Dutch Word of the Day
reus: vermoeid
Ik ben vermoeid.
I am tired.

The past two days have been ridiculously packed with orientation stuff, and I haven’t quite recovered from jetlag. My building doesn’t have wireless, so I finally got an ethernet cable today. This’ll be the most expensive week, because I need to get a bunch of essentials to make the rest of the stay cheap (i.e. a toaster, a teapot, groceries) It’s been a lot of running around, but on the other hand, my room has a microwave, fridge and electric stove. It’s pretty nice.

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