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Weaning yourself off the New York Times

The amazing New York Times is no longer going to be free online starting in January 2011, and Newcorps papers including the Sunday Times are charging starting this June. I love that writers will get paid for what they produce. That usually means good things for me and my ilk. But at the moment, I’m a poor NYT junkie. I’m still not sure how much they’ll charge, or if they’ll work out a student deal. I really want to pay a reasonable flat subscription rate ($50-$80, yes, USD).  It’s incredible writing and news, and I hate not to have it in my daily life.

That said, I’ve been experimenting with reading the Guardian and BBC. It’s not the same, but I’ll find my way.

Slang Editorial by Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles


Oh, Tiger

Fair enough. People really need to back off his family now. I just wish that he made this speech back in late December/January.

Tiger Woods by Maino

Oooh… crime wine.

There’s seems to be a huge to-do about Buckfast wine in Scotland: even though it tastes like crap, people load up on it, go out, and commit crimes. (It’s got a load of caffeine in it, too.) The monks who make it say that it’s a symptom of a problem, not the cause. I just find it amusing/disturbing that so many people drunkenly brandish the bottle as a weapon.

Gin & Juice covered by The String Cheese Incident

So happy.

I finally zapped an ancient stain from a favorite American Apparel sweatshirt using a good dose of Stain Devil(s). And it was a curry stain! Those are usually hopeless. I guess it works because they care about cleaning.

Caxambu by Almir Guineto


I’ve developed a funny relationship with order and control ever since I was in my teens. I was the most disorganized and sloppy person in my high school, but I ended up being something of a hyperneatnik by the time I got to gradschool. Part of this was a deliberate decision on my part, but some of it has really spun out of my control. Namely, the parts to do with chronically counting everything and magically thinking that if I envision loved ones dying, they’ll be safe. Intrusive thoughts and accelerated heartbeats are really annoying, but it’s easier once you realize it’s not really you.

Anyway, big favor to ask: unless you really have obsessive compulsive disorder, please don’t pull an “OMG, I’m so OCD u guyz!” Really. Just because you’re slightly Monkish doesn’t mean you have a problem. You don’t want to have a problem, believe. Move onto another issue if you must. I’m sure “Wow, I’m so full. I’m so anorexic u guyz!” will catch on. No? Really? Hm, wonder why not…

Everything In Its Right Place (Oakenfold 2008 Remix) by Radiohead

Due to a recent change in Brain Chemistry (for the better)

I’ve been alright, but I’ve having the darndest dreams lately.  Then I downloaded this song. Then I looked in the mirror and caught myself dancing to it.

In a Dream by Skybox


Lately I’ve been bogged down with:

-living in Edinburgh Airport
-writing essays about how horrible the world is
-staying warm

Eple by Royksopp

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