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de Volkskrant Gorilla

I can’t read half of them, but I like the cartoons by “Gorilla” in the Volkskrant, which is a major Dutch paper. Gorilla is a collective of designers.The cartoons are very wordy and shamelessly photoshopped, but that’s how I like them. (This one is about how the Dutch are best suited to survive climate change. Oh, how I miss those Big Friendly Giants.)

PS 24 Oranges is amazing!

Wiebelen, Wiebelen

Man, the Dutch love some ugly shoes. I found this Croc-House on Kalverstraat a few weeks back. Just wanted to share it with you; misery loves company.

So: I’ve got a new mixer, on the way to getting the second turntable, and probably a senior week vacay. More dance floor moratorium and Amherst to come.

Be back soon; I’m too busy being a senior in college.

PS How do audio inserts work with this blog?

Cruising for… An Assasination.

So Geert Wilders released Fitna today. As expected, it elides violence with Islam, it’s awful. I tried to watch it, but by the time I got to the severed head about 8 minutes in I realized that it’s way too close to my bedtime. My question: Does this guy want to get killed? He seems invested in completing a Pim Fortuyn/Theo van Gogh assassination triumvirate. I don’t think he’ll stop until he gets what he wants.

Van Gogh and Ali’s film Submission was rather one sided as well but it was at least more focused and attempted to be insightful. Wilders is just going out of control with unfortunate propaganda. It seems that his only goal is fueling hatred either of Islam or of…Geert Wilders. Such an attention whore. A stupid, loud attention whore.

As much as I wouldn’t be sad to see him go, I don’t think someone should give him the satisfaction of “martyrdom.”

In de Boek

Writing a book during Book Week in Amsterdam. Nice! I just wish I knew why the week was ten days long.

I went to the Bijlmer and the Red Light District (tour), and a boat ride with Paap! I just wish I could be here on Queensday again (minus the ridiculous trance music.)

It’s been a productive week, but it’s been too cold in the city. The days start out sunny, but by 10 AM it’s overcast. The painful ice storms are back in town, of course. I only brought one really warm sweater, so I’ve been wearing the same thing everyday like a cartoon character. Whatever.

I’ve done what I’ve needed to get done. I’ve got about 80 pages so far, but it turns into 68 when I turn it from Helevetica to Times New Roman. It’s a little scary, but I’ll manage. At least I have wiggle room. It won’t last long, but I’ve got it.

Niewe Oogen

I’m back in Amsterdam. I took this picture on my cell of the Amsterdam theater by 42nd before I left. I guess I just liked the red.

My luggage got stranded in Prague, but they should be back later. I forgot that everything is closed because it’s Sunday, so I did some useless running around.

I can’t wait to just walk where the characters I’m writing about “walk” and see where they’re supposed to live. I’ve been so bad about filling in their lives properly.

Meer morgen.


Two stories of security. First, Geert’s then Hirsi’s, courtesy of

a.) Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders was refused a seat on a KLM flight to Moscow on Monday because of his security demands, news agency ANP reports.

The MP had ‘specific requests for his security’ which had not been made known to the airline in advance, ANP reports.

Wilders is a member of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee which is going to Moscow on a working visit.

b. Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who now works for a right-wing US think tank, would like to become French, according to reports in most of the papers on Monday.

Hirsi Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam, was in France to be awarded the Simone de Beauvoir prize and meet supporters angry that the Netherlands has stopped funding her round-the-clock security.

The Netherlands stopped paying for Hirsi Ali’s protection after she moved permanently to the US. She is now trying to raise the money privately.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Especially if you live here.”Yummo.”

PS Still very, very glad that I switched to wordpress. The lack of font flexibility and overall look of blogger was kind of getting me down. I think it’s about time to erase the old one now, hmm?

Politically Correct Netherlands

The Politically Correct Netherlands: Since the 1960s

Very useful book from Strand. It was originally $99 but I got it for $30. Nearly everything that I’ve found in the library is from below 1992. It was written in 2000 and is an overview/criticism of when the Netherlands’ liberal policy. Surprisingly, there are no mentions of prostitution. It does not explain the Bijlmer crash as extensively as I want, but there is a useful part about it. It does touch on a lot of things that I wanted to know about; race relations, AIDS politics, all of the social taboos. Except prostitution. But it’s decently comprehensive. Does anyone have any book suggestions for:

-The Bijlmer Crash
-Surinamese Immigration to the Netherlands
-Prostitution in the Netherlands (and I want it for BOTH ALL sexes)
-Dutch Schooling
-Anything in the Netherlands in 1992

Hirsi Ali

Dutch Word of the Day
to jump
Sprong rond!

Jump around!

Oh, Ms. Hirsi Ali. You gotta settle down for a minute. Somalia to Amsterdam to America to Amsterdam again? I will say that I’m somewhat jealous of the amount of time she spent in Amsterdam; I’ve had a very harder time readjusting back to Amherst than I thought. But all this strange jumping around is undisclosed locations absurd.

The Dutch are threatening to cut off her bodyguard service, and she wants it back. Her life is in great danger unless she has that protection. It’s surprising that they cut her off like this. I wonder what’s next?

Betcha’ Didn’t Know About the Dutch OJ

Dutch Word of the Day
to do
Als ik het deed.

If I did it.

…oh, but he did. This man is out of control:

Novelist’s real murder book hits the shops

Wednesday 03 October 2007

The publication of writer Richard Klinkhamer’s true crime book Woensdag Gehaktdag (mince on Wednesday), about how he killed his wife in 1991, is the subject of much press comment on Wednesday.

The Volkskrant reports that the AKO book shop chain has decided not to stock it on the grounds that it is ‘morally dubious’. Competitors Bruna and Selexyz are more sanguine, the paper reports.

A Bruna spokesman tells the paper that it is all about freedom of expression and says it is not its place to tell the reader if the story goes too far. Selexyz says it will be careful with placement of the book and will not include it in window displays.

Established novelist Klinkhamer, 70, killed his wife in 1991 with a crowbar after an argument and buried her in the garden. Her body was discovered in 2000 and Klinkhamer was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released from jail in early in 2003.

According to the Volkskrant’s book reviewer the book is ‘intriguing, whether we like it or not’.

Mysterious Lego Man in Zandvoort

Details from Gizmodo here.

Breakfast Suite II:Molen Groen

Dutch Word of the Day
molen: mill, windmill
Er staan molens in mijn melk!
There are windmills in my milk!

It seems fitting to follow a cereal entry with a milk entry. I was delighted to see windmills on my soy milk carton; I love finding random Netherlandsness, in case you haven’t noticed. This is some kind of sweepstakes from Silk that involves an extra green incentive. Check it out if you want. I like trying to eat/live healthily. I’m going back to gym for the first time since Holland. FINALLY.

On a more windmill oriented note, I didn’t see a ton of old school ones when I was in Holland. And there weren’t many modern ones in the city, even on streets with the word “molen” in them. But there were many outside of the city. Not as cute as their kitschy older predecessors, but apparently very effective. They were originally there to keep to water pumped off the land. I wish we’d catch onto wind power a bit more over here.


Dutch Word of the Day
gek: crazy
Dit is te gek.
This is too crazy.

Some cocaine addict in Dussen, Netherlands, was leading the cops on a high speed chase through a cornfield. This is the pattern in the field he left behind. It’s like those atrocious Family Circus cartoons that trace the steps of the little boy through the neighborhood. Except, of course, on cocaine, which is a helluva drug. I’m just amazed by the amount of overlapping swirls, like some kind of avante gard spin on Celtic iron work.

I hadn’t heard Dussen mentioned all the time I was in Amsterdam. You don’t really hear much about the rest of the Netherlands when you’re in Amsterdam. It’s in the southeast, closer to Zeeland than Amsterdam. But I’m sure this’ll put them on the map. This is probably visible from space.

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