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Weekend Mashups: Santo-Elliot

It’s that time of week again! Two songs for the price of one. (And if you still need¬† a download fix before Monday, take it to Palms Out. They have a feature called “Sunday Remix” which is pretty stellar.)

This weekend, I’ve got a great Santogold vs. Missy Elliot mashup produced by some guy named Elliot. It’s Light’s Out vs. Lose Control. Love it:

Missy Elliot vs. Santogold: Lose Control/Lights Out (ELLIOT mashup)

Mashup Weekend: With or Without Me

This weekend’s mashups are brought to you by the crazy Belgian techno duo, Soulwax. Well, Soulwax under the name “2 Many DJS.”¬† These tracks are pretty classic by now:

With or Without Me (U2 vs. Eminem) by Soulwax

The Magnificient Romeo (The Clash vs. Basement Jaxx) by Soulwax

Grandmaster Flash vs. Blackstreet by Soulwax

And, for kicksies, here’s a remix by them:

DARE by Gorillaz, Soulwax remix

Slecht weer, eh? (The Mashup Post)

Sun showers are super common in the Netherlands. Sun showers and other less aesthetically pleasing manifestations of crap weather. But it helps if you view as God’s way of remixing the world around us (or “huggin’ us closer).

Clearly, this was a thin lead into the mashup post. Two to three songs, one brilliant outcome.

Eet smaakelijk!

Jeumie (Weezer vs. Yelle) by Immuzikation

Shut Up American Boy (Estelle vs. The Ting Tings)

Close to Mama (Black Eyed Peas vs. The Cure)

Music Sounds Better Low (Stardust vs. Flo Rida)

Ghetto Story Amphibious remix (M.I.A. & Diplo vs. Cham)

January 2022
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