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Guilty Pleasure: MIA Baby shoutout!

mia_diesel2Congrats, Maya!

Just don’t name him “Bronx Mowgli” or something scary. No more celebrity baby names, please.

New M.I.A. Song by Death to the Throne

Padma Parvati Lakshmi

So I decided to bring back the Mooi Vrouwen section. I might as well herald it’s return with a shout out to the brainy and stunning Padma Lakshmi. What’s more perversely cute than a stick thin supermodel who can cook? Answer: Nothing.

Although we may never know why she married Salman Rushdie (yeah, yeah, brilliant writer, yeah, yeah, knighthood, yeah, yeah) but we all make mistakes. I just can’t wait for a new season of Top Chef. You can also (occaisionally) see her on Globe Trekker on PBS.

Alison Bechdel at Amherst College

I’ve worked very hard on this, so do come if you’re in the area–

An Evening with Alison Bechdel
April 2nd, 8:00 PM
Converse Hall Red Room
Amherst College

Alison Bechdel, author of the critically acclaimed Fun Home (called “one of the very best graphic novels ever” in Booklist) and of the syndicated comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For (DTWOF), has become a cultural institution for lesbians and discerning non-lesbians all over the planet. At the podium, Bechdel redefines race and gender roles while taking aim at some of the most controversial topics of the day.

In addition to her comic strip, Bechdel has also done exclusive work for a slew of publications including Ms., Slate, The Village Voice, The Advocate, Out, and many other newspapers, web sites, comic books, and ‘zines. Her work has been widely anthologized and translated.


Please come and support this wonderful LGBTQ author/cartoonist and hear her wonderful thoughts!!ADMISSION TO THIS EVENT IS FREE (so bring your friends)!Please check out her website here:


Just in from Reuters via the New York Times:

“The government has decided it will not impose a general ban on the wearing of burqas and similar garments in public on security grounds, but will bar them and full-face veils at schools and for government workers, local news reports said. They said the government had concluded that a broad ban would violate the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion. About a million Muslims live in the Netherlands, and Muslim groups say just 50 to 100 women regularly wear a burqa. Geert Wilders, the right-wing leader of an anti-immigration party, sent a bill to Parliament last July proposing a ban on the burqa in public.”

I’m glad Geert didn’t get his way. He’s cruising for a bike-by assassination like Fortuyn and Van Gogh, but it’s not right that he’s stirring up so much hate as he goes. No matter how you feel about burqas, banning them takes away freedom of expression and fuels fringe radicals. “Security grounds” my ass.

Mooi Vrowen: Lucia Rijker

Ladies and Gentlemen,
meet Lucia Rijker (foreground.) She looks very capable of completely fucking you up, doesn’t she? She is a boxer from Amsterdam. Her mother’s Dutch, her father’s from Suriname. She is virtually undefeated. After, she retired from boxing, she went into showbiz. She was in Million Dollar Baby, and was a minor character on the L Word’s second season. Curiously, she’s back this season as a completely different minor character, specifically a prison inmate. I guess we’re supposed to assume that Dana’s personal trainer fell on some hard times. Yeeeeaaaah. Anyway, she’s absolutely lovely and deadly. Great combination.

I also love that she’s playing an prison inmate at her last name sounds a lot like “Rikers.” In fact, Rikers Island Prison in New York is named after Dutch settler Abraham Rycken. Not spelled the same, but it still works.

Verworpen Mooi

Dutch Word of the Day
Waaroom was zij verwopen?

Why was she rejected?

OK, so Ms. Anneliese Marie Frank is a very obvious choice for any Monday or in this case, a Sunday Mooi Vrouw; widely published Dutch writer (yup, the original book was in Dutch, NOT German) and all around thoughtful person living at a terrible time. I also had the distinct privilege of living down the street from her house for four months. I miss that.

But here’s another reason to love her: big time publishers, with the exception of Doubleday, freakin’ hated her. Apparently, the book was “a dreary record of typical family bickering, petty annoyances and adolescent emotions.” It took about 16 rejections until someone figured it out. And the rest is canon.

That’s the funny thing about rejection. Most of the time, the critic is seeing something problematic in there that needs some sorting out. Sometimes, that something is utter crap. In this case, the adolescent tone was caused is because the author was 12. C’mon buddy.

Then there are erroneous critiques stemming from weird misunderstandings about the U.S. book market and just flat out racism. (Although for The Good Earth example: I hated that book. So many Asian stereotypes it made my skin crawl.)

Usually it is up to the author to locate what generated the critique, objectively evaluate the validity, and act. The danger of this New York Times article is that potential authors can be lulled into a sense of not having to change and revise. “But I’ve been working on this for 12 years! How could it possibly be called trite? Oh, well. Anne Frank wasn’t published in a day!”

This is dangerous ammunition in the hands of people who get so “emotionally connected” to their work that they can barely seek any outside help, especially when they need the most help. I’ve been around people like this. It hurts.

They’ll talk on and on about the process and finally, after a long period of drama, insist on showing you their work. Then, after you’ve been subjected to their little Crapsody in Blue, you try to say something nice, but you can’t. Then you take a deep breath and try the constructive track, carefully starting with the “It’d be cool to see more of this” comments before you get to the “Maybe you should cut this” comments. But by then, it’s too late. You’ve questioned their opus and the friendship is over.

See, this is why I love Anne Frank. She’s one of the very few writers who can pull off a “I got rejected a million times and it didn’t mean a thing.” It leads to a great story behind a great story. Here’s to her.

Under Armor Meisjes

Dutch Word of the Day:
Deze keus is dudelijk.

This choice is self explanatory.

So the mooi vrouwen for today have no name. They are just the cast of the best Under Armor commercial I have ever seen. The seconds between 0:47 and 1:02 make me want to join a volleyball team. Or at least be in a enough shape to pretend that I’m on one.

Back with a Bounce

Dutch Word of the Day
to do
Het is uw ding…doe wat je wil doen.

It’s your thing…do what you want to do.

We’ve got a very timely Mooi Vrouw this week: MIA is coming out with her new album, Kala, tomorrow. I strongly encourage you to buy it. (No, not rip it off Limewire as you usually would, but buy it.) She’s an extremely talented artist but she doesn’t have a lot cash. I mentioned her already in a post about Siren Fest, but she’s worth the repeat.

The video is from the new album and the song is called Boyz. I’m so excited for the whole thing to come out tomorrow.

Let’s keep this ball rolling

Dutch Word of the Day
happy, also slang for gay
Vrolijk Maandag!

Happy Monday!

I had a case of the jury duty today. I’ve mentioned this previously, but jury duty doesn’t exist in the Netherlands. Just saying.

Anyway: my mooi vrouw for today is Rachel Maddow. Sure, I’m mad at her because her eponymous Air America show is no longer a free podcast. But that’s OK because she’s just so darn smart! I’m serious. She’s got a mind like a trap. Watch her on The Situation with Tucker Carlson or when she randomly shows up on Paula Zahn Now. She’s got a great approach to arguing without putting other people down, yet still coming out on top.

She’s very left leaning, but also not afraid to criticize and point out when the left goes wrong. (see above video) Maybe I might pay for that podcast after all…

Mooi Vrouw: Kerry Washington*

Dutch Word of the Day
mooi: beautiful, lovely
Dit is de mooi vrouw voor vandag!
This is the beautiful woman for today!

Oh, Kerry Washington. I might be mad at her for participating in the Spike Lee improbability/ stereotype fest known as She Hate Me, but besides that, what’s not to love? I just saw her in an episode of Law & Order: SVU and was reminded of how good she was as Idi Amin’s wife in The Last King of Scotland. She’s gotten small roles in other things, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but we should see more of her.

I also love Kerry Washington because she’s another outer-borough black kid who survived a crazy all girls school on the Upper East Side. She’s from the Bronx and went to Spence; I’m from Brooklyn and went to Marymount. This guarantees that she has a good sense of humor, too.

*Trying a new Monday feature of picking people I like for whatever reason, writing about them and labeling it mooi vrouwen (yes, even the boys). If you’ve got nominations and feedback I’d be happy to hear from you. Enjoy!

Konijn Eiland

Dutch Word of the Day
konijn: rabbit
Ik ben naar het eiland van konijnen geweest.
I have been to the island of rabbits.

Coney Island is actually named for the little critters that used to live there. It was a Dutch territory (like everything else) called “Rabbit Island.” “Coney” is the anglicized. As for “Eiland”…it’s not even a real island. Whatever.

Today was Siren Fest, a huge music what to do on the boardwalk. It was kind of spur of the moment cause I was wiped after LSAT class, but I’m glad I went. I saw M.I.A. in concert for the second time. It wasn’t as easy as the first time I saw M.I.A../Diplo/DJ Rekha all at the same time at Summerstage two years ago. For one thing, she wasn’t as famous and it was a larger space. Not to mention that it was the only time the opening acts were amazing. Diplo and Rekha were amazing. But today was still really good.

Apparently, she was having visa problems coming from Sri Lanka to America. Well, with lyrics like:

“Down there in my garden/I keep my shit hidden like Bin Laden”
“I be wilder than Tim McVeigh”
“Like PLO I don’t surrend-o!”

… is it any wonder why they gave her issues? Listen to the rest of the CD– everything has its context.

That said, she’s really amazing and I’m a huge fan. Too bad she’s not still with Diplo, I’d love a remix.

Wooo, no, baby please don’t go

Dutch Word of the Day
teleurstelling: disappointment
Leven is vol van teleurstelling.
Life is full if disappointment.

Sorry for the downer sentence. It’s not that bad, really. Here, I’ll show you:

My elementary school, St. Charles Borromeo, was shut down in the winter due to a lack of enrollment. Today I found out that the shoe store where we used to get school shoes was turned into a comic book store. Look at the Johnnie’s Bootery Since 1939 sign above. Yeah, that’s misnomer now.

However, I wasn’t entirely disappointed. It’s a really awesome comic book store called Rocketship. Some of the shoe mirrors by the floor are still on the walls. There was an event there tonight and I got my book signed by Ariel Schrag, who’s kind of my new personal hero in terms of writing. Not for drawing, though. I can barely draw. (Now that we have a scanner, I may or may not subject you to the awfulness. Stay tuned.)

I wonder if St. Charles will turn into something awesome…

Semi Annual

Dutch Word of the Day
dubbel: double (an easy one)
“Er zijn chickies met dubbel d’s in de tent!”
“There are chickies with double d’s in the place!”

That’s right, I quoted Party Squad again. Deal with it. “Dubbel Ds”, which is sounds like “double dace” in Dutch, has definately entered my vocabulary as an expression for a well/over done rack, regardless of size.

The Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale is on. Usually, this is an extremely exciting time for me. Everything is on sale and I usually get there when it opens on the first day, or else everything my size is gone. However, I didn’t have the energy this time. Maybe it’s because of the lack of funds after the euro murdered my wallet. But even if I had the money to go nuts, it lacks the fun of a winter sale. That kind of frenzy during the summer just doesn’t seem worth it.

In the interim, I’ll just post this picture of Adriana Lima. I know some of you would appreciate it. Yes, I mean you.

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