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Guilty Pleasure: MIA Baby shoutout!

mia_diesel2Congrats, Maya!

Just don’t name him “Bronx Mowgli” or something scary. No more celebrity baby names, please.

New M.I.A. Song by Death to the Throne

Packed and Delivered Like–


After a day of waiting for UPS to deliver my turntable, I sat down to write a bitchy entry hating on UPS. But UPS rang. (And I…)

Anyway, they finally came through, but unfortunately left out a part of my order. It’s a little irritating, especially since I have another order on the way. From friggin’ California all the way up to Brooklyn. It’s OK because that’s supposed to be here Monday, but still. If they screw that up, that’s going to be tremendously irritating.

The few times I’ve dealt with DJ Deals they’ve done me right, but I get the sense that this is a huge operation. They can be a bit snippy. For example, their online forum is helpful, but the moderator who answers questions can come off as a snide knowitall who can’t be bothered. I think they’re a bit stressed by the volume.

Even though they’re more expensive, I prefer dealing with Turntable Lab. The people at the NYC store are really helpful, even if you’re asking one of those “I’m obviously starting out” kind of questions.

Oh, well. Let’s hope this gets sorted.

Swagger Like Paper (Mick Boogie remix) by M.I.A.vs. Kanye West

Weekend Mashup: Santo Maria


As promised, here’s some Santogold… mixed with MIA! And it’s by Immuzikation (of friggin course, I always post him). Enjoy!

Santo Mia by MIA vs. Santogold, Immuzikation blend

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