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Lovely, Part II (“My bad!” Edition)

Well, I heard from Rutger de Vries, the photographer who did the picture that I inserted in yesterday’s entry. Apparently, the picture is not photoshopped! It’s a half-demolished student dorm. Well, shame on me for assuming that colorful, compartmentalized beauty needs computerized assistance. (It often does.)

FYI, a lot of the works on his site are inspired by the work of German artist Katharina Grosse. I checked her site and fell in love this room she did this year.

Check her site here.

Old People’s Home

So I found out where I’m living next year while I study at Leiden. It is on Kaarsenmakersstraat (yeah, pronounced as it looks) and it appears to be a cute little place. Tons of rooms, multiple kitchens on each floor and a beautiful garden with a small canal in the back.

So you might wonder: why this student building is so tranquil and accommodating? Well, here’s why:

The building is owned by Accommodate (SLS Wonen). It dates from 1827 and was designed by the municipal master builder Salomon van de Pauw. It is a former old people’s home, also called the ‘Minnehuis’, and used to be owned by the Reformed Church’s social welfare organisation.

Yup. That’s right: I’m at the Dutch version of the Springfield Retirement Castle. Love it. I’m something of a grouchy/fussy old lady at heart, so this is perfect for me. I think I’m going to enjoy this.

I smell a field trip to Rotterdam!

They’ve always been creative about architecture over there. This particular firm, MVRDV, seems to have an emphasis on creating high buildings to avoid urban spawl. Elevator or no elevator, I’d really hate to live on anyone’s 10th floor, but the buildings are fun to look at. It’s amazing to see how many building’s I’ve passed in Amsterdam were made by these guys.

Read about them here.

de Volkskrant Gorilla

I can’t read half of them, but I like the cartoons by “Gorilla” in the Volkskrant, which is a major Dutch paper. Gorilla is a collective of designers.The cartoons are very wordy and shamelessly photoshopped, but that’s how I like them. (This one is about how the Dutch are best suited to survive climate change. Oh, how I miss those Big Friendly Giants.)

PS 24 Oranges is amazing!

So pretentious I could cry–

I’ve been obsessed with Stuff White People Like lately. It’s very funny and describes a certain modern incarnation of that ever present class of people (not always white) who mean the earth well, try hard, and fail miserably. Much of this failure is caused by watery commitment to real causes and an addiction to hipness.

PS: If one more smug Luddite tells me: “I don’t have a TV. It rots your brain,” they will get hurt.

Tangentally: If I see anyone wearing a pair of “Blackspot Sneakers”, I will instantly lose respect for them.

These will never cut Nike’s market share. They are $90 self righteous trophies. Ugly ones, at that. It’s much smarter if you put the money towards a (thoroughly researched) cause instead of this over- priced, smug self congratulatory piece of crap. “I don’t have Nikes. They rot your soul.”

The epitome of the worst SWPL. May these never get popular.

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

Lovely. Perfectly lovely.

Amsterdam Olympics 1992

Oh, what could’ve been.

Hello, again! I found this 1992 on e-bay and I want a copy ever so badly. I’m currently writing a story about Amsterdam in 1992, so this made me positively giddy. As does the combination Olympic rings/St. Andrew’s crosses logo. Absolutely stunning.

I didn’t even know they had made an Olympic bid until I researched it. It’s the reason why they built the Ajax stadium in the Bijlmer, but they lost the bid to Barcelona. Tisk. Maybe it’s for the best anyway. I’ve always been wary of Olympic bids anyway; I was so relieved when New York didn’t win. I don’t like tourists, even other people’s tourists. Olympics just bring expensive stresses. I could only imagine the persistent distillations of Holland the NBC coverage would use: wooden shoes, hookers, weed, hookers, windmills, hookers… It would never end. It’s better that they don’t expose themselves to that.

Lotta racial…

Dutch Word of the Day
Niemand houdt van uitersten.

No one likes an extreme.

Apparently, the Netherlands will be taking some new measures to cut down on Islamic extremism and right wing extremism. AT THE SAME TIME. Wild, innit? I like that they are doing a double-edged approach. Religious extremism is one problem, but Lonsdale youth is another.
Quick note on the bridge: It’s an Eramus bridge in Rotterdam. Gorgeous.

Because it’s true

I should add a serif publishing tag, I love them too much. But I just had to share this because it’s true:

“Don’t play music through the loudspeaker on your mobile. That does not make you cool. It makes you fucking irritating.”

OK, the last couple of words is a dead giveaway, but I’m proud of myself for getting the gist.

But I like it!

Dutch Word of the Day
Deze is een ontwerp blog niet.

This is not a design blog.

But I am in love with Martin Peyper’s work, especially the poster above. I saw Points of View when saw the Dutch National Ballet. I liked the show, but I definitely liked his poster for it more.

There’s just something about Dutch spelling incorporated in art work that makes it more eye-catching and beautiful to me than any other language. Then again, I do have a little Holland fetish, if you haven’t noticed.

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