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Can you tell that classes haven’t started yet?

Yeah, I’m still poking around my new room/building and taking pictures…

hooigracht, leiden

There are stained glass windows all down the staircase.

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Room Update

Hooigracht, stairs

Speaking of fresh, this new room is amazing. I was wrong about having a lofted bed.

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Speaking of New Beginnings–


I’m moving from Kaarsenmakersstraat (aka CSI Leiden). Why CSI Leiden? Well, the bathrooms are of chock full of unsavory DNA from other people and the kitchen causes one to BYAAAH in horror when gazing upon it. So I’m moving to Hooigracht, which is all self-contained apartments. My bed is lofted over my kitchen and bathroom (see above).* I’m really excited. Now, I can have a real desk, instead of a makeshift kitchen on a table. I can sweep the floors whenever I want, instead of waiting for the not-broken vacuum to reappear. I can cook without looking at someone’s soggy crap in the sink and feeling sick! Muahahaha. Yes.

Divine by Sebastian Tellier

*Actual apartment not pictured. This is from the housing website. I’m not totally sure if it’s got the loft thingy, but I’ll update.

This is Terrible.

Attacks in India.

As a New Yorker who lived through 9/11 (and took eight frightening and confusing hours to get home to Brooklyn from her Manhattan high school) it sickens me to see this happen to another city. Train stations, airports, landmark hotels; someone is trying to make another sick point. When has this worked? This situation is already bad. This cannot get worse, but quite possibly will.

Obama Mixtape: Final Installment

obama, GQBy the Time I Get to Arizona (acca double dub psa mix) by Public Enemy

Black President by Dave Chappelle

We Need Barack feat Mavado

Still busy, but better. See you Monday!

Windmill Fail

I’ll be back soon!

New Design

Wanna be in clogs?

So, this cycle of America’s Next Top Model is going to (or rather, was in) Amsterdam. At the announcement, sterotypicalness ensued: windmills, clogs, delft boy and girl, ect. The madness starts at 1:05, and ends hilariously at 2:34:

Het moet maar…

Promoting Alan Astor (If He’ll Let Me)

I’ve found another DJ to obsess about: Alan Astor of Brooklyn, New York. He’s a pretty sweet remixer. His album is posted through his myspace (for PROMOTIONAL USAGE ONLY, mind you), but you have to listen through a minute or so of irritating radio skits to get to the actual remix. Download it anyway.

Here are a few tracks by him, including his remix of Paper Planes, which you can’t find on the myspace album. I’m usually partial to Diplo’s remix of Paper Planes with Bun B and Rich Boy, but Astor’s won me over. (P.S. I have way too many remixes of Paper Planes. It’s not right, but it’s OK.)

Paper Planes (Alan Astor remix) by M.I.A.

Love in this Club (Alan Astor remix) by Usher feat. Young Jeezy (starts at 0:45)

Just Fine (Alan Astor remix) by Mary J. Blige (starts at 0:57)

And the check when it arrived, we went Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch

Lazy. Tired. Here, have some Pavement!

Shady Lane by Pavement

Mashup Weekend: With or Without Me

This weekend’s mashups are brought to you by the crazy Belgian techno duo, Soulwax. Well, Soulwax under the name “2 Many DJS.”  These tracks are pretty classic by now:

With or Without Me (U2 vs. Eminem) by Soulwax

The Magnificient Romeo (The Clash vs. Basement Jaxx) by Soulwax

Grandmaster Flash vs. Blackstreet by Soulwax

And, for kicksies, here’s a remix by them:

DARE by Gorillaz, Soulwax remix

In five years time, you might just prove me wrong

So I’m already making plans for next year. This MA program is only a year. In some ways, that’s pretty awesome. I can have a post-grad degree before the age of 23. But, after marinating in one place for four years, I was still unsure about the next step after May 25th, so now I’m just straight paranoid about not having my footing for the next time around. I’m looking at PhD programs and ESL teaching positions abroad. All I know is that I need to live out of the US for a bit longer.

As for the summer… I’ll get back to you.

Long term thinking is fun. As long as it’s in October. By January, you’re skee-rewed. Anyway, here’s today’s song: Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale. You might recognize it from a heavily broadcast car commercial, but that sample didn’t do it any justice. It’s a great rainy day song:
Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale

Slecht weer, eh? (The Mashup Post)

Sun showers are super common in the Netherlands. Sun showers and other less aesthetically pleasing manifestations of crap weather. But it helps if you view as God’s way of remixing the world around us (or “huggin’ us closer).

Clearly, this was a thin lead into the mashup post. Two to three songs, one brilliant outcome.

Eet smaakelijk!

Jeumie (Weezer vs. Yelle) by Immuzikation

Shut Up American Boy (Estelle vs. The Ting Tings)

Close to Mama (Black Eyed Peas vs. The Cure)

Music Sounds Better Low (Stardust vs. Flo Rida)

Ghetto Story Amphibious remix (M.I.A. & Diplo vs. Cham)

Relief of Leiden: Party and Bullshit

So, this weekend is the Relief of Leiden. Think of Queensday, but without the orange and only happening in one city. It is crazy to get around. There is lots of beer, peeing in the canal, and a few fights here and there. And some techno thrown on for good measure. Beautiful.

The night before, I saw a guy a the supermarket who literally had his cart packed to the brim with hutspot (traditional Dutch potato/cabbage thing), beer, and, of course, toilet paper. It was  surreal amount of toilet paper. I guess he came prepared.

This brings us today’s song, a Ratatat remix of Biggie’s Party and Bullshit. Enjoy! I know I have.

Party and Bullshit remix

Dance floor moritorium: Another Way To Die

I’m too tired to post anything coherent, but I will say this: the Bond song sucks somethin’ fierce. Really, Jack White and Alicia Keys? This was the best you could do? This wasn’t even phoned in, it was drunk- dialled. You can do better. Amy Winehouse in her current state could do better. Shame on you.

Back tomorrow.

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