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Lovely, Part II (“My bad!” Edition)

Well, I heard from Rutger de Vries, the photographer who did the picture that I inserted in yesterday’s entry. Apparently, the picture is not photoshopped! It’s a half-demolished student dorm. Well, shame on me for assuming that colorful, compartmentalized beauty needs computerized assistance. (It often does.)

FYI, a lot of the works on his site are inspired by the work of German artist Katharina Grosse. I checked her site and fell in love this room she did this year.

Check her site here.

Stuff Dutch People Like: Authenticity

One of Rembrandt’s (many) well lit, crazy faced self-portraits was finally authenticated. It was painted in Leiden, my home for next year. It’s currently living in the Rembrandt Huis in Amsterdam (which I loved and highly recommend) until June 29th. I’m not sure where it’s moving after that. It was purchased in England, so I think it’ll go back there.

It’s a really lovely painting. I’d like to see it, but I’m afraid I’ll be coming in  a month too late. But I can’t wait to meet Leiden and whatever my lofe there looks like. I can’t wait to ride a bike to Albert Heijn, do a little shopping, go home, and cook for myself while listening to American podcasts.

I’ve been out of school for about a month now, and I’ve been missing this learning thing. Comparing Leiden to Amsterdam seems like a fruitless endevor. They’re too different. It’s fine, though; I don’t want a happy rerun. I’m looking for something new.

Koninginnedag Flashback:

Dutch Word of the Day:
Geen blauw zonder geel en oranje!
No blue without yellow and orange!

Not fully back yet, but I was reading this NYT article by Holland Cotter about Van Gogh’s letters to Emile Bernard, which are currently on display at The Morgan Library.*

If, for you some reason, you think that Van Gogh was French instead of Dutch (too many people do) this handy passage will remind of you of where he really comes from:
“After a year in ashen Paris, he was in a chromatic delirium. He couldn’t stop cataloging the colors he was seeing and using…Frustrated at how to convey the reality that even transparent elements — water and air — have complex color ranges, he ends up shouting on paper: ‘No blue without yellow and orange.'”

Oh, Vince. I feel your pain.

*I smell a field trip coming on!

Check it out:

There’s a show featuring Dutch artist at Mass MOCCA from now until October. Full article here.


Dutch Word of the Day
Deze illustratie van een konijn is de leukste.
This illustration of a rabbit is the cutest.

I didn’t know that Miffy the Bunny was Dutch! I just assumed she was Japanese like Hello Kitty. My bad. But you must admit, they share a strong minimalistic cute resemblance. But I like the little “x” that stands in as Miffy’s nose. Or mouth? Ah, who cares! If you can create an ambiguous facial appendage on a cartoon character and not scare the kids, that’s pretty cool in my book.

Her name in Dutch is originally “Nijntje”, because the word for little rabbit in Dutch is Konijntje. Too. Cute.

There’s a Dick Bruna house in Utrecht. I kind of want to go and absorb the sappy cuteness to the fullest. The illustrator, Dick Bruna just turned 80, and Miffy herself is 50. She looks great! I guess konijn don’t crack.
Get the entire adorable story here.

They don’t love you like I love you

Dutch Word of the Day
: maps
De kaarten zijn veranderd.

The maps have changed.

This is a subway map from the 70s (I think?) that was at the MOMA. The lack of development at that point is kind of startling. Queens and Brooklyn are practically naked. Adding more lines was one of the best things they could’ve done. They still have some work ahead of them.

Some maps and blueprints, unfortunately, don’t change. I’m watching Newport Harbor on MTV cause I’m too lazy to get up and change the channel. Ignore the Times review; this is like the poor man’s same budget regurgitation of Laguna Beach, “The Real O.C.”, a tagline which this show has, too. This even has the same horrible theme song. It’s as if MTV is doing an unfunny parody of their own show.

I didn’t really watch Laguna Beach when it came out, but for some reason I can’t get enough of The Hills. Maybe it’s because they took some years to boil down the most essential characters and refined it. It’s not like the producers have Hoop Dreams- like intuition and depth, but their focus has certainly improved with time. I don’t think anyone’s going to stick around and watch Newport Beach long enough for that to happen.


Not to re-rep the serif again, but I’m in love with this book cover redesign contest they have.

Broken Commute

Dutch Word of the Day
kapot: broken
Deze huis is kapot.

This house is broken.

But it can and will be mended. Due to the flooding on the subway today, a 45 minute trip to Manhattan became in a 4 hour trek, most of which took place in Brooklyn. I’m not really a huge bus person and was forced to take one today, so I overshot my stop quite a bit. When I walked back, I managed to stumble upon the set of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party with the Broken Angel House at the end of the block. It’s an eccentric house made by eccentric people that played a key role in the film. It was going to get shut down, but it’ll get converted to something else. I was too late for work to try to go inside, but I got some good pictures.


Dutch Word of the Day
maakt: make
Moderne mensen maken mooi dingen.
Modern people make beautiful things.

I went to the Museum of Modern Art today and saw the Richard Serra exhibit. It’s going to be there for a while, but go before it gets too crowded. Since his sculptures depend on and change the space in the room, so seeing it on the last night would be a mob scene.

There was also some great stuff on the third floor, which was mostly modern everyday design. There was a nice exhibit about Helevetica (a font blogger should provide) and another on Emigre magazine, whch folded in 2005. The picture above is from one of the covers from the design in the Netherlands issue. I’m very curious as to what’s inside the issue.

This week:
I’m thinking of making “mooi vrowen” a regular feature, plus doing a little something with my own sketches. I’m up for suggestions. Stay tuned.


Someone made a Lego version of MC Escher’s waterfall woodcut. This really makes me wanna dig up the old Legos and relive the glory days.

There is also a sculpture. Check it out here at Gizmodo.

The Serif

Dutch Word of the Day
obsessie: obession
Ik heb een nieuwe kunst obsessie.
I have a new art obsession.

I’ve always had a nerdy pedestrian interest in graphic design and typography, but never though I was cool enough to get into it. (Yes, I am aware that this is counter intuitive thinking.) Since it’s too late and loan-sy for me to fully indulge my desire to learn about graphic design I can still gaze on in envy at Serif Publishing, not only for the wonderfully eye-catching content but also for the insanely high number of posts they get in any given day. Granted, there are more of them than me, but it does make me rather jealous.

Wooo, no, baby please don’t go

Dutch Word of the Day
teleurstelling: disappointment
Leven is vol van teleurstelling.
Life is full if disappointment.

Sorry for the downer sentence. It’s not that bad, really. Here, I’ll show you:

My elementary school, St. Charles Borromeo, was shut down in the winter due to a lack of enrollment. Today I found out that the shoe store where we used to get school shoes was turned into a comic book store. Look at the Johnnie’s Bootery Since 1939 sign above. Yeah, that’s misnomer now.

However, I wasn’t entirely disappointed. It’s a really awesome comic book store called Rocketship. Some of the shoe mirrors by the floor are still on the walls. There was an event there tonight and I got my book signed by Ariel Schrag, who’s kind of my new personal hero in terms of writing. Not for drawing, though. I can barely draw. (Now that we have a scanner, I may or may not subject you to the awfulness. Stay tuned.)

I wonder if St. Charles will turn into something awesome…

71 Down, 1 to go.

Dutch Word of the Day
prestaties: performance
Dit is een lang werk van prestaties art.
This is a long work of performance art.

I went to see the 72 hour performance art piece in Union Square. You can read more about it in this Times article. Basically, this woman is getting ready for a date over the course of 72 hours, while it is all being filmed. The final cut will be fast forwarded and her actions will resemble real time, while everything else looks like a blur. Fortunately for her, she’ll be done in less than an hour. She’ll be fully ready for her date by midnight tonight.

Normally, I don’t like the way my camera phone takes pictures. But I really how like this one turned out. The colors make it look like a Wyeth painting. Sometimes the Razr phone surprises me.

By the time she’s ready to go, I’ll be 21.

Breakfast Suite, Part III: The Coffee Entry

Dutch Word of the Day
overal: everywhere
Er zijn overal!
They’re everywhere!

Reunited and it feels so good. Bye-bye coffeeshops, hello Starbucks. And this Escher-like* take on New York is pretty accurate. As an unofficial LSAT study center for Summer 2007, (Official being New York Public Lie-berry) I love la ‘bucks. But the Manhattan omnipresence is a bit over done.

By the way, Maurits Cornelis Escher was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. I was expecting there to be an Escher Museum nearby, but it’s in Den Haag, not Amsterdam. Like the lack of Rem Koolhaus buildings, this was a little artistic disappointment. So was the Rijksmuseum’s partially open state due to renovation. I’ve always liked Netherlandish art. Maybe it’s time for a trip to the Met.

Speaking of Hilversum:

Remember the freaky nightmare place I went for my field trip? Well, apparently it’s very eco friendly! Read about it this week’s Architecture section of the New York Times.

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