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Mashup Weekend: Floating Paranoia


Courtesy of The Hood Internet:

Floating Paranoia by Modest Mouse vs. Kanye

Packed and Delivered Like–


After a day of waiting for UPS to deliver my turntable, I sat down to write a bitchy entry hating on UPS. But UPS rang. (And I…)

Anyway, they finally came through, but unfortunately left out a part of my order. It’s a little irritating, especially since I have another order on the way. From friggin’ California all the way up to Brooklyn. It’s OK because that’s supposed to be here Monday, but still. If they screw that up, that’s going to be tremendously irritating.

The few times I’ve dealt with DJ Deals they’ve done me right, but I get the sense that this is a huge operation. They can be a bit snippy. For example, their online forum is helpful, but the moderator who answers questions can come off as a snide knowitall who can’t be bothered. I think they’re a bit stressed by the volume.

Even though they’re more expensive, I prefer dealing with Turntable Lab. The people at the NYC store are really helpful, even if you’re asking one of those “I’m obviously starting out” kind of questions.

Oh, well. Let’s hope this gets sorted.

Swagger Like Paper (Mick Boogie remix) by M.I.A.vs. Kanye West

Kanye’s rapping again!

… now with new hipster street cred. This is “Gifted” with Santogold and Lykke Li. (Much to my surprise, I haven’t posted anything by them yet, so I’ll fix that soon.)

Gifted by Kanye West, featuring Santogold and Lykke Li

Weekend Mashup: Nancy Sinatra vs. DJ UNK, Yelle vs. Kanye, Winehouse vs. Ronstadt

yelleSorry for being so lax on this feature! I was actually been able to get some decent amount of school work done today, so I’m happy to post these. Here’s These Boots Are Made for Walking Out, A Cause de Kanye and You Know That You’re No Good.

These Boots Are Made for Walking Out by DJ UNK vs. Nancy Sinatra

A Cause de Kanye by Kanye vs. Yelle

You Know You’re No Good by Amy Winehouse vs. Linda Ronstadt

Robocop: is it for real?

Leak off of Kanye’s next album, 808’s & Heartbreak. Lots of vocoder action going on, of course. Not a lot of non-robotic singing in the first one, but I kind of like it. Coldest Winter? It might take some time to grow on me. (Heartless is there for good measure.) Let me know what you think:

Robocop by Kanye West

Coldest Winter by Kanye West

Heartless by Kanye West

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