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Weekend Mashup: Vintage Girl Talk


Non Stop Party Now by Girl Talk

Weekend Mashup: E-603

E-603I take back what I said about E-603 in earlier post. Sure, he needs to use fresh samples (some of his are too familiar to Girl Talk’s fans), but he does have potential. He’s also put off his newer album since Feed the Animals came out, so I think he’s working out all of the Girl Talky kinks before he releases it. Hope so!

The Sweet Years by E-603

Knuck All Alone by E-603

Name Your Price, Three- Stacks: Girl Talk’s New Album

For those who haven’t downloaded Girl Talk’s New album, Feed The Animals, here you go. He pulled a Radiohead and is letting people name their price. Since his music consists almost solely of other people’s samples, I guess it’s a good to make payment optional.

It’s a great album. In my opinion, he’s head and shoulders above E-603 (aka the “other” major mash-up DJ). Examine both of their takes of “Whoomp! There It Is”. Girl Talk’s isĀ  “Hand’s in the Air.” E-603’s is at the tail end of “Money and Girls.” They’re both great, but Girl Talk wins points for my because he incorporated Planet Rock and other wonderful things. Besides, his combinations have always been well thought out: Roc Boys vs. Paranoid Android, Gimme More vs. Sexy Boy, Sound of the Police vs. Come Together, Whisper Song vs. Bittersweet Symphony. I’d near to hear more of E-603’s album to judge if some similar cleverness for pairings is there.

November 2021
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