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nethlerlands, cernyCzech artist David Cerny’s Entropa (an EU-themed instillation currently on display in the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels) seems to be causing a problem. Apparently, he claimed that it was a colloboration between many artists, when it really was just him and a few friends. After the unveiling, some representatives from certain EU countries expressed outrage.

Now, I love big elaborate instillation that cause controversy. One of my earliest museum memories is of the Sensation Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I consider the Atheist Bus Campaign as a great example of a provacative instillation. There are parts of Entropa I like. France with a huge “Strike” sign? Sure. Romania as a vampire fun house? Hell year.  Italy as a eternal soccer match? Sounds about right. But Bulgaria, represented by overlapping squat toilets, really got reamed. I’m not Bulgarian, and I thought it was crossed a line.

When I saw a drowned Holland dotted by minarets, I have to admit that I felt a mixed protective impulse towards my adopted land. I don’t know whether I’ve adopted a certain sensitivity for Dutch anxieties or what. Not so much about that allochtonen issue; I am a allochtoon issue :-). But pairing the drowning (a legitimate concern) with the minarets just seemed to form a symbol of trumped- up Dutch fears that I found disturbing and (in the hands of the Wilders crowd) dangerous. I just hope this doesn’t become some kind of rallying symbol for right-wingers.

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January 2022
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