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Natalee Holloway meets Hercule Poirot

This is what’s in the news:

Dutch tv crime journalist Peter R. de Vries claims to have solved the mystery surrounding the disappearance of US teenager Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba. The Aruban authories say they have re-opened the case.

De Vries said he used a hidden camera to answer most of the questions surrounding the girl’s disappearance. Holloway vanished while on holiday on the former Dutch colony of Aruba in May 2005.

Holloway’s mother Beth Twitty was in the Netherlands on Thursday to discuss the case with De Vries. ‘It was very emotional,’ the reporter told tv programme Hart van Nederland.

In a press release published on De Vries’ website, the Aruban justice ministry says the fresh information ‘may shed new light on the way Natalee Holloway died and the method by which her body disappeared.’ It says it is currently investigating the ‘reliability and value’ of the information.

De Vries has refused to go into further details. The full results of his investigation will be broadcast during his Sunday night tv show on SBS.

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Open Letter to Bob Johnson:

Dear Bob Johnson,

You’re little race traitor, aren’t you? Seeing you on that stage, calling Obama a druggie and sticking up for the Clintons reminded me just how dangerously pathetic you are. Congratulations, you found another way to sell out Black America all over again. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Barack Obama 08,

PS Get the hell out of St. Maarten. Rumor is you vacation there. MY FAMILY LIVES THERE. GET THE FUCK OUT.


Dutch Word of the Day
De orkaan staat bij peil vier.

The hurricane is at level four.

Normally I’d have my beautiful woman of the day, but there’s something a bit more pressing. Hurricane Felix, which was at category 4 (and later 5) went through Aruba and other Dutch Antillean islands (as well as many other places in the area.) Thankfully, no one died, but the island got drenched and there were a lot of floods. This is unsual, because Aruba’s normally quite dry. I hope this thing dies soon.

November 2021
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