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I’ve Heard It All

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I Feel It All by Feist was one of my favorite songs from ’08. So far I’ve found two amazing remixes of it. The first is the Escort remix which weirdly reminds me of Amherst graduation. No, we don’t have a marching band, but I could see it as the background music to a video montage. The second is the Diplo remix, which takes a completely different and sophisticated turn on a rather peppy, exuberant song. If you have another awesome remix of this, let me know!

I Feel It All (Escort remix) by Feist

I Feel It All (Diplo remix) by Feist


I Feel It All (Britt from Spoon remix) by Feist

No spoilers here:

(Stolen from Koreanish, and he took it from someone else.) This is a wordle rendering of my thesis. It’s odd viewing a piece of work like this. It’s like all those months of work boil down to a bunch of keywords. There’s something sad about how easily is can be reduced to a pile of words, but I love neat little cells, so it’s also strangely appealing about this.

After this summer’s revision, I want to watch the words shift. Some of them need to get smaller, and others need to get larger.

It’s the final countdown

I’m spending my last week before the summer at Amherst. It was pretty deserted today, but I’m sure I’ll find people to hang out with. I’m not sure of what next year will bring, but I’m glad it’s not more of the same. It’s not that I’m tired of learning, but I’m tired of this. It’s the perfect time for me to go. I’ll enjoy what I can, warm up the camera, read a few books and lay in the sun, but I think I’m peacing out at the right time.

PS Isn’t this record great? I’ve been seriously considering yielding to temptation and getting two Technics and Serato Scratch, so this is particularly amusing to me right now.

Ze other punishment

Despite it’s place in the name of this blog I rarely write about “Amherst College”, where I’ve spent the last four years of my life and where I am graduating from in a matter of weeks. I wrote about Amsterdam while I was there and I write about the outside world now, but Amherst’s interest for me mostly lies in interpersonal relations. Besides, if I did make blanket statements about the college, I’d be dumping four years of mixed feelings and frustrations out onto you.

As I told one of my professors earlier this week, I didn’t choose Amherst with much enthusiasm. Conversely, Amherst didn’t really choose me: my name just happened to be pulled from the wait list. Had that not happened, this blog would have been called Wesleyandam. (Well, at least the name worked out.) Since I’ve gotten in, I’ve toyed with the idea of transferring out way more than I should have. If you know me, you probably know why. I love the academics, but I’m not crazy about a lot of the people. Another reason to leave comes to mind when I see articles like this.

Now, Amherst will probably hate me for saying this, but I’m going to say it anyway: the food at Amherst College is a nightmare when compared to other similarly ranked colleges. What we have at Valentine Dining Hall is not fresh, it alternates between overcooked and undercooked, and they have no concept of seasoning. No concept whatsoever. Yes, high school senior who happened to Google “Amherst College”, “dining hall” etc. while doing some post-acceptance research and found this page. It’s true: this food’s really nasty. You will be sick, very sick at least until the end of orientation. I lost eight pounds in my freshman year, and I won’t get all of them back until I leave. Unless, of course, I start drinking as heavily as too many people here do. Please take this into consideration when you choose. I wish I had.

That was waaaay too short–

That visit was way too short, but seriously productive. It’s strange to be back in New York, and Amherst will feel even weirder. I can’t help but have the strangest urge to move there.

At the baggage claim, I was standing next to little Dutch family of three looking for their bags on the trolley. They had a little girl, about the same age as my adorable little cousin who I met yesterday, and they were all speaking Dutch. This made me overwhelmingly homesick for the Netherlands. I think I need some recovery time, but I just don’t know when.

In the interim, I’ll just watch this video and wish I was there:

Other Half of the Namesake

Dutch Word of the Day
Goede tijden.

Good times.

I seem to have forgotten to mention the other half of this blog’s namesake: Amherst. Amsterdam is a much more interesting place, let’s not kid ourselves. Amherst, like most other schools, is a blank slate that gets interesting 9 months out of the year when you throw some staff, teachers, students, and booze (not at the same time) on it and watch what happens. Very different to my four months in Am-dam.

None of the buildings, to my great and continuous disappointment, have any Dutch names attached to them. It’s all “Pratt-Pratt-Williston-Keefe-Fayerwether-Pratt.” I’d be content with a stray “Vanderbilt”, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I didn’t bring much in the way of decoration except for a bunch of things from my time in the Netherlands, so it looks like the Dutch consulate spat up a little on my walls. I’ve got a map of the Netherlands and Belgium, an Aruban flag, and Dutch Antillean flag and a huge Amsterdam Flag.

Not on the walls: lovely delft kitsch (see above), my bottle opener from the Heineken experience, a shot glass, and a little English rugby ball. I wish the flask was from Amsterdam, that would be the only way to make it cooler. I think it’s too beautiful to be used, don’t you?

Lucy, we’ve moved.

Dutch Word of the Day
bewegen: to move
We hebben ons bewogen.

We have moved.

I’m really happy at this new address. It’s like moving into a new house with all kinds of fun gadgets. I mean this in the nerdiest way possible. I don’t know a lot about CSS, but I can figure it out. WordPress is not as hand-holdy as blogger, but it has so much more fun stuff. If you’re used to Blogger and want to come over to the dark side, go for it.

In order to celebrate the new “home”, I made a Lego canal house. Look, there’s a step gable at the top and a little canal in the front. Wow, this is the nerdiest entry ever. I must be getting closer to Amherst.
P.S.: If you haven’t noticed, this thing has helvetica. Hell-to-the-yeah-vetica.

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…are you still a dumbass?"

This is still funny in the summer: It’s the Scrubs’ cast take on A Charlie Brown Christmas. I sat in Smudd watched it repeatedly through winter finals rather than doing work. I’m no Superman. Enjoy!

Of course

The one time Amherst gets a snowday, I’m out of town.

Welkom op Amherstdam

The title of this blog was going to be “Amherst…damn!” but then I decided to go abroad to the Netherlands. I’m doing four months at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (The “other” UVA) I’m super excited and you should be, too. I might even get to see the original Breukelen and Haarlem.

Posts coming around February.

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