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My sneakers mo’ cleaner than yours…

I don’t know who this adorable child belongs too, but this picture makes me day. You know what else makes my day? The prospect of moving from my current dorm. With shared bathrooms and kitchens (that are not cleaned as regularly as they should be) it’s OK if you’re here for a semester, but not for a year as I plan to be. The hunt has begun. I pray that it ends very, very soon. Stay tuned. Anyway, today’s song is Mastered, brought to you by Lupe Fiasco and A-trak. Well, at least think it’s Mastered. I’ve seen this .mp3 called Mastered, Running Man, or Sneakers. For the sake of today’s picture, let’s stick with Sneakers. Download Sneakers by Lupe Fiasco and A-Trak

Diplo, Blaqstarr, A-Trak, Kid Cudi (And Santogold)

Diplo, A-trak

Why, yes, this is a picture of Diplo and A-Trak (!!!) which I snapped on my phone yesterday. I went to Summerstage in Central Park. Everyone was were super/amazing. It was well worth the wait in the scorching heat. My friend and I managed to to get all the way upfront to the stage. Diplo squirted silly string on me! It was magical.

Blaqstarr and Catchdubs were there as well. It was a dream come true. All we needed was DJ Ayres and I would’ve died and gone to heaven.

Diplo, A-trak

However, it got so hot and crowded, I wasn’t strong enough to wait for Santogold. That, and Diplo’s set had these bizarre 80s looking dancers and it was really distracting.

At least security didn’t confiscate my Sigg bottle!

January 2022
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