Medgrow and Oaksterdam

The legalization of medical marijuana is slowly expanding throughout the US. Schools have been popping up to teach people to grow the green stuff for the booming population of patients. (That means you can stop rewinding through season two of Weeds to figure it out!) Apparently, some areas of the US are more lucrative than others…

If I were still in the US and not doing the whole academic thing, I’d totally do this. Honestly. It’s damn near recession proof, and if it does get shut down, I’m young enough to bounce back. Actually, if it did get shut down in the US, I could simply take my certified grower/seller skills, head to the Netherlands, get work, and pursue that citizenship I’ve always wanted. And I’d have enough to money to finally afford intensive Dutch lessons. Wow. This may not be a bad idea…

Quitters Raga by Gold Panda

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