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I want one in my town! (Or in my house…)

What do you do when the mobile library’s stopped coming to town and phone booth might get taken away? Smush ’em both together! Apparently, there are 30 of these library/phone booths in Somerset. BT, the company which makes the iconic phone booth, is holding a contest for new ideas for converting the boxes. You can learn about adopting a kiosk here.

I love when mashups come to life.

I’m Onto Something (That’s What She Said) by Super Mash Bros.


Not like I was planning a visit anyway–

Switzerland has passed a ban on building new minarets. There are 150 mosques in Switzerland, but only 4 have minarets, and apparently only two more were planned. (That’s less than the number on this racist poster!) Apparently, four was more than enough and six was too much for the SVP (tiny religious party of ignorant people), so they went to far as to ban new structures. The majority government isn’t crazy about this, and everyone seems surprised. This also smells like a breach of human rights (I certainly think it.) Why didn’t the whole “can-this-legally-be carried-out” issue come up during the vetting of amendments?

This might have gone down (at least with too many Americans) back in 2002-2003, but the Swiss have definitely missed the jingoistic racism bus. This is like the Von Dutch trucker hat of laws: unnecessary, cringe-worthy, enough to make you want to burn the pictures. Hopefully, this rightist trend will become an awkward memory, and not a new reality.

Rhodespierre by Trellis (from the Green Wing Soundtrack)

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