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And now, a post Thanksgiving Holiday I can endorse:

StoryCorps has come up with The National Day of Listening: the day after Thanksgiving, you record a conversation/interview between you and someone you love. This could be a friend, sibling, parents, grandparent, anybody. You’ll be surprised by what they’ll say. You don’t have to use StoryCorps equipment (there’s a handy-dandy DIY guide on the site) but the StoryKits are top of the line. And your recording will be stored in the Library of Congress. ┬áThe National Day of Listening is both cheaper and way more valuable than Black Friday. NDL, dare I say, kicks BF’s ass.

Time to Listen by MGMT vs. Talib Kweli (DJ Topcat Remix)



Happy Black Friday!

Dear America,

Happy Black Friday. Some of you on the East Coast are already wide awake, camping outside of of your local Best Buy/Victoria’s Secret/Sports Authority. Don’t burn your fingers on that Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts/McDonald’s cup of coffee that will fuel you from 5 AM to 9. You ate a lot yesterday, so don’t be surprised if your aisle run is a bit off it’s game. But it’s OK. The pilgrims wouldn’t have wanted you any other way.┬áSpeaking of holidays centered around murders,please don’t stomp anyone to death this year. The motorized hamster for your child isn’t as appealing it if it’s drenched in blood.

And for crap’s sake, stop buying things you don’t need. The last thing you want to do is reach home, open the trunk of you car, and realize it’s all worthless.


PS How come Black Friday wasn’t a huge deal when I was a kid? (Mind you, I’m only 23.)

Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell by Das Racist and Wallpaper

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