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Best Sequence of Pictures

Camilla Parker- Bowles- Windsor (?) has a deceptively easy looking job. Visiting factories, schools and other such places while wearing a big smile should be easy, but on one trip to a nursery school, the Duchess of Cornwall accidentally ass-checks a kid in the head, then she tries to turn on some Christmas lights by pulling this ancient-looking rope, and the darn thing breaks.

It’s OK, honey. I definitely make the third picture face on a daily basis.

F**k Was I by Jenny Owen Youngs


Oprah’s calling it a day in 2011

No way! I thought she’s be around forever! (Unrealistic, I know, but that’s just how it felt.) It’s just the 2009 pattern of stuff that you’d thought would go on into perpetuum ¬†ending.

This is quite a long headsup, though. I hope the next year and heavy change leading up to it isn’t an extended and remixed dirge. I remember when the headmistress of my high school retired after an eon there, and there was a long, celebratory funeral march to the retirement Mass. It seemed like the whole year was dedicated to the one, simple act of leaving. It cast a shadow over everything (including my class’ graduation, which kind of pissed us off). If that’s how I felt about the headmistress’ retirement from a Catholic school, imagine how crap it is for me when the retirement is for friggin’ OPRAH. She’s like the headmistress of television. And that school in South Africa, but I digress…

I’m not one for extended goodbyes of this sort. Hopefully, I won’t be in the US for this footage. I was there for Michael Jackson, Ronald Reagan, all that good stuff. I can’t do it again.

Grindin’ My Way (Frank Sinatra vs. Clipse) by Team Canada

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