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The world has turned and left me–

–in the UK, fortunately. I had three week UK visa drama and temporary deportation. Yum. So for those of you looking to get into the UK for study in January/February:

First, get a good visa expediter. i,e. A good one should properly vet your materials and help you out. Mine (TDS in NYC) did not. They were horrible, don’t use them. I got more help from the A Briggs website than I did from the morons I was working with. Also, when you select a service, double check that they are on your consulates approved list of couriers. As I later found out, mine was not. So be careful.

Secondly, get the following:

1. Bank statements showing 5,400 GBP. If your parents are backing you up with their bank statements, be prepared to add on
a. A letter of support, signed by all parents involved.
b. A long form of your birth certificate, showing both parents’ names. If you’re adopted, use whatever forms are involved for that.

2. Transcripts from the schools listed on your visa letter. If anything’s not in English, get it translated. My Amherst diploma’s in Latin and my last post-grad school was in Holland, so I had fun with this one. Again, no one told me.

3. Fresh biometrics: These expire within two weeks, so work to get everything through quickly, or else you need to apply again.

4. Appendix 8 of the UK visa form. (My expediter didn’t even tell me I needed this. Neither did the particular UK BA site I used.)

5. Online application, not paper. You make the biometric appointment through the online application. The paper is only good in the UK, and that’s for a reapply.

6. Passport with enough blank pages. You can always add pages through a competent service

7. Passport photos. Take more than the recommended two. The consulate ended up botching my initial visa, so they

8. Visa letter, preferably with a recent date (ask your school)

Hopefully, this is useful to someone. If anyone can suggest anything new, I’m more than happy to add it to the list and keep updating.

The World Has Turned And Left Me Here (Weezer Cover) by Bit Shifter

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