High School Flashback

The 'dorf and Dorota

This week’s Gossip Girl episode (parents get upset over the Gossip Girl website) gave me serious ‘nam flashbacks to my Marymount NYC days. There was a site called “Interschool Hos.” The New Yorker did a pretty comprehensive Talk of the Town piece on it. Looking back, it’s hilarious how sloppy the technology was. It wasn’t really a blog; it was a free voting website with an orangey-beige backdrop. The spelling was inconsistent, there weren’t any pictures and it was a pretty obvious that it was a baseless revenge site. Despite being the web equivalent of a car phone, it was  damaging. Some really painful things were said. I doubt that whoever wrote on that site even knew who the heck they were talking about. It was stranger on stranger crime.

Two things I’m glad about: first, I was too young for my personal shit to be aired; I was only a freshman when this debuted. Second, that facebook didn’t exist. (shudder)

Old Skool by Dizzee Rascal

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