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Don’t let the title fool you–


This has to be one of the most calming, beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. Way to go, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Let’s hope it doesn’t slide into over-played Maps territory. Don’t cry in the video this time!

Hysteric by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

But…but I liked the original!

I’m a huge fan of clever sampling, but this new Lady Sovereign song feels lazy to me:

And I love Close to Me too much to really appreciate it when it’s sampled. For some reason I can take it in mashups, but not in original songs.

So Human by Sovereign

And just for kicks, here’s some Polish Reggae with the “Cure Riddim” in the back. I know, right?

Deer – Balagan (cure riddim)

Close to Me by The Cure

Uit te werken is meer dan het nominale


Pilates class is hard. Pilates class is even harder when it’s not in your language. However, I’m psyched to wake up to the all-over ache of accomplishment that I have after a night at the gym.

Working Out is Overrated by Don Diablo and Missy Elliot

Monday Guilty Pleasure: Finally finding that hard to Google song


Have you ever been a club and heard a song that you wanted to download later, but realized that you didn’t know how to spell “duh doo duh doo doo doo”? And even if you knew how to spell it, it wouldn’t yield much? That happens  to me quite frequently. For example, I heard “2 Times” by Ann Lee back in September and it’s been at the back of my mind ever since. Then I was in Proost on Saturday and it came on one of those video screens across the room. I actually cut off my conversation to run over and catch the title. Obnoxious. And awkward!

But worth it.

2 Times by Ann Lee



I’m currently waiting to hear back about graduate school, fellowship, and summer job applications. I’m working on my final application (promise) sometime this week. As usual, I’m going to spend the agonizing stretch of time between now and the end of April over-thinking every application I’ve sent and dying inside. They’re out of my hands right now, but I never fully grasp that concept. It’s just so mind-numbingly scary to wait back to hear from anybody at all, especially in this economy.

My nervousness over the election dwarfed my own personal fears until early November. Then I was anxiety free for a few weeks until I remembered that there was something else to worry about: my short and long term future. In a nasty recession.

If someone could hand me a large paper bag, I’d appreciate it.

Obstacle 1 by Interpol

In Limbo by Radiohead

Guilty Pleasure: MIA Baby shoutout!

mia_diesel2Congrats, Maya!

Just don’t name him “Bronx Mowgli” or something scary. No more celebrity baby names, please.

New M.I.A. Song by Death to the Throne

Mashup Weekend: Floating Paranoia


Courtesy of The Hood Internet:

Floating Paranoia by Modest Mouse vs. Kanye

Just Another Day


Today’s post is in celebration of the warmest, most loving holiday on earth…Saturday!

Saturdays by Cut Copy

I am Santi, don’t remind me


Due to a petty lawsuit from some unknown douchewaffle, Santogold is now officially changing her name to Santigold. Yeah, I know. No one knows who “Santo Rigatuso” from Baltimore is, but for some reason he won this. I refuse to buy into this episode of Sad Times. It’d be one thing if this was a Sasha Fierce-esque name change, but this just doesn’t seem right or fair to her.

I’m a Lady (feat. Trouble Andrew) by Santogold



More Röyksopp remixes for Happy Up Here.

I like the scratches on this one:

Happy Up Here (Mr. Wyse nice edit) by Röyksopp

I like the tempo of this one:

Happy Up Here (Breakbot Remix) by Röyksopp

And, of course the Boys Noize remix. I’m not too keen on this one, for some reason:

Happy Up Here (Full Version) (Boys Noize Remix)by Röyksopp

Camron: I Hate My Job

camron, weirdo

Normally, I refer to Cam’ron as the most ig’nant rapper in the game. (See Anderson Cooper Interview on snitching) However, I’m going to temporarily revoke that title. I Hate My Job is amazing! And love the low budget sheen on this video. Granted, Cam’ron obviously has a loveable job a famous rapper, but hey, let’s not play that authenticity game.

I Hate My Job by Cam’ron

Monday Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Scandinavian Pop Music When You’re Well

view from Hooigracht

There was a twenty minute snow shower this morning. I was able to snap this photo from my window. Doesn’t this look like Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree’s slender Dutch cousin? It’s huge!

I’m feeling a lot better since last week.  Nothing like having your glands back. For now.

New Röyksopp here. It’s so lovely; I can’t wait for the new album on March 23.

Happy Up Here by Röyksopp

Happy Up Here (Datasette remix) by Röyksopp

High School Flashback

The 'dorf and Dorota

This week’s Gossip Girl episode (parents get upset over the Gossip Girl website) gave me serious ‘nam flashbacks to my Marymount NYC days. There was a site called “Interschool Hos.” The New Yorker did a pretty comprehensive Talk of the Town piece on it. Looking back, it’s hilarious how sloppy the technology was. It wasn’t really a blog; it was a free voting website with an orangey-beige backdrop. The spelling was inconsistent, there weren’t any pictures and it was a pretty obvious that it was a baseless revenge site. Despite being the web equivalent of a car phone, it was  damaging. Some really painful things were said. I doubt that whoever wrote on that site even knew who the heck they were talking about. It was stranger on stranger crime.

Two things I’m glad about: first, I was too young for my personal shit to be aired; I was only a freshman when this debuted. Second, that facebook didn’t exist. (shudder)

Old Skool by Dizzee Rascal

Weekend Mashup: Genius of London


There hasn’t been one of these for a while. But this weekend I’ve got Fergie’s London Bridge vs. Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love. Enjoy!

Genius of London by Fergie vs. Tom Tom Club

Christian Bale Rant Remix


It’s by RevoLucian and it’s amazing. This actually sounds like a real song. If I heard this at a club, I wouldn’t blink.

Baleout- Final by ReoLucian

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