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Music from Warm Places!


I don’t know what Oliver N’Goma’s been up to lately. This song was on his album, Adia, from the 1990s. My dad brought it back from Aruba back then. (Apparently, he was a big hit there.) If you’re in Holland, New York, or any other place that’s kind of far from that nice warm “menagerie lion that runs around the world,” this will remind you that we’ll see warmth again.

Muetse by Oliver N’Goma

Barre by Oliver N’Goma

Adia by Oliver N’Goma (gets good at 0:17)

Monday’s Guilty Pleasure: Girl, You’re a Jerk


So I’m playing a jerk in some play; more specifically, I’m Duke Frederick in Leiden English Fresher’s As You Like It. In high school productions I was always cast as a clown/fool, so playing a major antagonist is a massive change for me. I’m trying to memorize my lines over the break, and I’m just struck by how much he speaks in this big, bossy blocks of texts. There’s barely any dialogue with any of the other characters at all. He’s kind of a dic(k)tator.

In honor of Duke Frederick, here’s Jerk by Muscles.

Jerk by Muscles

Welkom Bij 2009


I finally bit the bullet and got decent scratching CD- turntables. (I need to work my way up to vinyl and Serato, bear with me.) Pictures are on the way. I’m excited for this year. I’m still in New York right now. It’s a weird feeling to be back and shopping the perpetual sales, but it’s not half bad. Anyway, here’s your first weekend mashup of the year. It’s completely ridiculous: some crazy Dutch DJ (of course) combined Coldplay with the Mojito song. (Seriously, the Mojito song is actually a real song in Europe.) But he blends them pretty well. Enjoy.

Viva La Mojito by DJ Arvid

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