As promised: The Bike Mortuary

fiets fout fiets weg

So this building used to be a hospital and was there was a mortuary in the basement. That mortuary is now the bike shelter. Freaky! I half expect David from Six Feet Under to pop out from around the corner. Or Dexter. Any Michael C. Hall character would be at home down here.

bike mortuary 1It’s just a long hallway with a lot of  small, separated rooms of bikes. I’m surprised that they didn’t just knock out some of the walls to make one big mortuary 2Some of the bikes are locked down to the racks, some aren’t. Honestly, if I had a little folding bike like this, I’d schlep it to my room. They fold down to a very portable size.

bike mortuary 3Some rooms, more than others, really resemble their previous purpose. This room’s just long enough for a gurney. Is that blood on the floor?

Deadweight by Beck

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