Room Update

Hooigracht, stairs

Speaking of fresh, this new room is amazing. I was wrong about having a lofted bed.

hooigracht 1These pictures are taken straight from the website, but my room is organized exactly like this. (Judging by the view, this very well could have been taken in my room. Weird! I’ll take some of my own photos later. I have a beautiful view of the courtyard.

hooigracht 2The bookcase is against the bed, too, but looks a hell of a lot neater than the one in the photo.

hooigracht 3My own bathroom! Except mine is full of various skin care/ cleaning products.

It’s a beautiful building. It used to be a hospital with a mortuary in the basement (which is now the bike shelter). It’s been renovated, but there are some lovely details left, including arches and stained glass windows. As you can tell from the very top picture, it kind of looks like a disco- cathedral. Hilarious.

There’s a laundry room on every floor. It’s very quiet and there are no common spaces, but that’s fine with me. I love how clean and self- contained and symmetrical it is. I don’t know how else to say it, but–

Repetition Kills You (RAC remix) by The Black Ghosts

1234 (Vanshe Remix) by Feist

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