Speaking of New Beginnings–


I’m moving from Kaarsenmakersstraat (aka CSI Leiden). Why CSI Leiden? Well, the bathrooms are of chock full of unsavory DNA from other people and the kitchen causes one to BYAAAH in horror when gazing upon it. So I’m moving to Hooigracht, which is all self-contained apartments. My bed is lofted over my kitchen and bathroom (see above).* I’m really excited. Now, I can have a real desk, instead of a makeshift kitchen on a table. I can sweep the floors whenever I want, instead of waiting for the not-broken vacuum to reappear. I can cook without looking at someone’s soggy crap in the sink and feeling sick! Muahahaha. Yes.

Divine by Sebastian Tellier

*Actual apartment not pictured. This is from the housing website. I’m not totally sure if it’s got the loft thingy, but I’ll update.

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