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As promised: The Bike Mortuary

fiets fout fiets weg

So this building used to be a hospital and was there was a mortuary in the basement. That mortuary is now the bike shelter. Freaky! I half expect David from Six Feet Under to pop out from around the corner. Or Dexter. Any Michael C. Hall character would be at home down here.

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Can you tell that classes haven’t started yet?

Yeah, I’m still poking around my new room/building and taking pictures…

hooigracht, leiden

There are stained glass windows all down the staircase.

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Room Update

Hooigracht, stairs

Speaking of fresh, this new room is amazing. I was wrong about having a lofted bed.

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Monday Guilty Pleasure: Fresh FM

fresh fmIt’s just cheesy 90’s house music and current pop remixes. Currently, “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce is getting a fierce remix makeover treatment. And yes, this morning I woke up to Show Me Love. No lie. This needs to be the new Dutch National anthem.

Better Off Alone by Alice Dee-Jay

In My Arms (Radio mix) by Mylo

Never Gonna Give You Up (Solly remix) by Rick Astley

I’ll go back to posting quality things, don’t worry. But I’m loving the 90s right now.

Weekend Mashup: Jaydiohead


I’m exhausted after moving all my stuff into my new place. I’m really excited. The new apartment is cleaner, brighter, and above a Belgian Beer Bar. Even I’m jealous of me. Boozies in the lobby aside, the cleanliness is the main draw. It was something I lacked in my last place, so I’m happy to have it here. More later.

Dirt Off Your Android by Jaydiohead

Girl, You Know It’s Fake

inauguration band

Yo- Yo Ma and Itzak Perlman lied to me. First that little girl at the Beijing Olympics, now this. This is some Ashlee Simpson/ Milli Vanilli ish! I cried through that performance. It’s really weird to find out that it was pre-recorded. Granted, the extreme cold would have made the instruments sound awful; you can’t dance a warped piano string off. And everyone on stage was already a respectable performer, who doesn’t “bow- sync” live, as far as we know. Still. It hurts inside.

Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli

If You Can:


Give This American Life a dollar so that they can keep their podcasts free. I know the pledge drive is over, but I’ll say it anyway. Their corporate sponsors ran out in 08, so they need listener support.  It’s one of the few quality media outlets around, and their podcasts keep me connected to home in a way that’s not only entertaining, but frankly, quite comforting.

For the record, I gave them $20 after weeks of on-air reminders. It was the least I could do. I’m normally not a donor for anything, but after I donated the Obama campaign, my mind’s been changed. There are certain causes in this world that need to be supported and held onto.  You don’t need to give them a car or put them in your will; leave that for the homeless and impoverished youth if that’s what you want to do. But a few dollars goes a long way.

After Hours by We Are Scientists

For the record


Show Me Love is still stalking me though the Netherlands. I went to buy a new bike, and it started playing when I walked through the door. Harbinger of good or evil? You decide.

Show Me Love (DJ Antoine remix) by Robyn S.

Speaking of New Beginnings–


I’m moving from Kaarsenmakersstraat (aka CSI Leiden). Why CSI Leiden? Well, the bathrooms are of chock full of unsavory DNA from other people and the kitchen causes one to BYAAAH in horror when gazing upon it. So I’m moving to Hooigracht, which is all self-contained apartments. My bed is lofted over my kitchen and bathroom (see above).* I’m really excited. Now, I can have a real desk, instead of a makeshift kitchen on a table. I can sweep the floors whenever I want, instead of waiting for the not-broken vacuum to reappear. I can cook without looking at someone’s soggy crap in the sink and feeling sick! Muahahaha. Yes.

Divine by Sebastian Tellier

*Actual apartment not pictured. This is from the housing website. I’m not totally sure if it’s got the loft thingy, but I’ll update.

Inaugural Guilty Pleasure: New Beginnings

inguaration, ny times

…I know who I want to take me home.

Closing Time by Semisonic

Anxiety Art

nethlerlands, cernyCzech artist David Cerny’s Entropa (an EU-themed instillation currently on display in the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels) seems to be causing a problem. Apparently, he claimed that it was a colloboration between many artists, when it really was just him and a few friends. After the unveiling, some representatives from certain EU countries expressed outrage.

Now, I love big elaborate instillation that cause controversy. One of my earliest museum memories is of the Sensation Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I consider the Atheist Bus Campaign as a great example of a provacative instillation. There are parts of Entropa I like. France with a huge “Strike” sign? Sure. Romania as a vampire fun house? Hell year.  Italy as a eternal soccer match? Sounds about right. But Bulgaria, represented by overlapping squat toilets, really got reamed. I’m not Bulgarian, and I thought it was crossed a line.

When I saw a drowned Holland dotted by minarets, I have to admit that I felt a mixed protective impulse towards my adopted land. I don’t know whether I’ve adopted a certain sensitivity for Dutch anxieties or what. Not so much about that allochtonen issue; I am a allochtoon issue :-). But pairing the drowning (a legitimate concern) with the minarets just seemed to form a symbol of trumped- up Dutch fears that I found disturbing and (in the hands of the Wilders crowd) dangerous. I just hope this doesn’t become some kind of rallying symbol for right-wingers.

Veni, Vidi, Vici, (Diplo ,Mumdance rework feat Jammer)

The gist of every Shakira song…

2298534355_44ba48429b…in a French accent! Hee hee, “I’ll keel her!” It’d be cute if it wasn’t so homocidal. Love it.

I’ll Kill Her by Soko

Guilty Pleasure: Ridiculous Pride in Brooklyn


I watched the first episode of Real World: Brooklyn, and the token house- douche, Chet, made a rather astute observation: everyone who’s from Brooklyn can’t shut up about being from Brooklyn. This is very true. There’s no place quite like it in the world. I’m so happy I grew up here. I’m also super psyched for Notorious on Friday. (Review to come.) I can’t tell whether I should watch it in a Brooklyn theater, though. I might be setting myself up for a world of hoodrats and hipsters.

Brooklyn (hard slam riddim) by Vybez Kartel

Packed and Delivered Like–


After a day of waiting for UPS to deliver my turntable, I sat down to write a bitchy entry hating on UPS. But UPS rang. (And I…)

Anyway, they finally came through, but unfortunately left out a part of my order. It’s a little irritating, especially since I have another order on the way. From friggin’ California all the way up to Brooklyn. It’s OK because that’s supposed to be here Monday, but still. If they screw that up, that’s going to be tremendously irritating.

The few times I’ve dealt with DJ Deals they’ve done me right, but I get the sense that this is a huge operation. They can be a bit snippy. For example, their online forum is helpful, but the moderator who answers questions can come off as a snide knowitall who can’t be bothered. I think they’re a bit stressed by the volume.

Even though they’re more expensive, I prefer dealing with Turntable Lab. The people at the NYC store are really helpful, even if you’re asking one of those “I’m obviously starting out” kind of questions.

Oh, well. Let’s hope this gets sorted.

Swagger Like Paper (Mick Boogie remix) by M.I.A.vs. Kanye West

Atheist Bus Campaign

Dawkins, Bus

Check it out.

Honestly, I think it’s about time. There are so many religious (overwhelmingly Christian) groups that post all over subways and buses, you might as well have an more voices. Even if you do believe in God, you have to give the campaign credit for the “be good for goodness sake” ad. It’s saddening when people are only kind to others because an intangible force directs them to for the sake of a reward.

Call me when the Secular Humanist Jitney rolls into town.

Magic Bus by Crookers

I Believe by Simian Mobile Disco

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