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As promised: The Bike Mortuary

fiets fout fiets weg

So this building used to be a hospital and was there was a mortuary in the basement. That mortuary is now the bike shelter. Freaky! I half expect David from Six Feet Under to pop out from around the corner. Or Dexter. Any Michael C. Hall character would be at home down here.

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Can you tell that classes haven’t started yet?

Yeah, I’m still poking around my new room/building and taking pictures…

hooigracht, leiden

There are stained glass windows all down the staircase.

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Room Update

Hooigracht, stairs

Speaking of fresh, this new room is amazing. I was wrong about having a lofted bed.

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Monday Guilty Pleasure: Fresh FM

fresh fmIt’s just cheesy 90’s house music and current pop remixes. Currently, “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce is getting a fierce remix makeover treatment. And yes, this morning I woke up to Show Me Love. No lie. This needs to be the new Dutch National anthem.

Better Off Alone by Alice Dee-Jay

In My Arms (Radio mix) by Mylo

Never Gonna Give You Up (Solly remix) by Rick Astley

I’ll go back to posting quality things, don’t worry. But I’m loving the 90s right now.

Weekend Mashup: Jaydiohead


I’m exhausted after moving all my stuff into my new place. I’m really excited. The new apartment is cleaner, brighter, and above a Belgian Beer Bar. Even I’m jealous of me. Boozies in the lobby aside, the cleanliness is the main draw. It was something I lacked in my last place, so I’m happy to have it here. More later.

Dirt Off Your Android by Jaydiohead

Girl, You Know It’s Fake

inauguration band

Yo- Yo Ma and Itzak Perlman lied to me. First that little girl at the Beijing Olympics, now this. This is some Ashlee Simpson/ Milli Vanilli ish! I cried through that performance. It’s really weird to find out that it was pre-recorded. Granted, the extreme cold would have made the instruments sound awful; you can’t dance a warped piano string off. And everyone on stage was already a respectable performer, who doesn’t “bow- sync” live, as far as we know. Still. It hurts inside.

Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli

If You Can:


Give This American Life a dollar so that they can keep their podcasts free. I know the pledge drive is over, but I’ll say it anyway. Their corporate sponsors ran out in 08, so they need listener support.  It’s one of the few quality media outlets around, and their podcasts keep me connected to home in a way that’s not only entertaining, but frankly, quite comforting.

For the record, I gave them $20 after weeks of on-air reminders. It was the least I could do. I’m normally not a donor for anything, but after I donated the Obama campaign, my mind’s been changed. There are certain causes in this world that need to be supported and held onto.  You don’t need to give them a car or put them in your will; leave that for the homeless and impoverished youth if that’s what you want to do. But a few dollars goes a long way.

After Hours by We Are Scientists

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