My Currency is Retrograde


This has inadvertently become a music blog and currency watch chronicle. Granted, music and money are not the only things that happen to me in Holland. (I join casts of plays, marvel as the Dutch government deems me male, and perform mating dances from Eastern European countries). But I can never get those personal anecdotes just right for this blog. Maybe I’ll try to do that next year.

Anyway, I’m returning to America world tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be arrested for being a “turrist.” But at least interest rates have been cut in Europe, so I’m back to $1.38 per euro. Not good, but better than before. Hopefully we can roll back even further. Now I won’t feel so bad as I go on my Dutch gift shopping bonanza in Schiphol.

Off topic: May I take this opportunity to say that I am perfectly obsessed with Kele Okereke, Bloc Party’s front man. He’s just so cool! My current wake- up play list has Mercury on it. It’s terrifying to hear first thing in the morning, but it’s such a kickass song.

Mercury by Bloc Party

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