Monday Guilty Pleasure: Dutch Cheese

dutch cheese

Note to the professors who I promised cheese to (implicitly including the ones who have written recs for me): I don’t know when I’m seeing you next, so the Christmastime cheese I had planned on may not be possible. It’s difficult to get in touch with you all and pinpoint who will be in Amherst (or America) when. Maybe we’ll have to get you a graduation cheese. (If you’re around for graduation, that is. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are.)

In the interim, this Dutch R&B/Pop is a decent cheese substitute. I don’t usually like this style of of singing in English, but it really appeals to me when I can’t understand what’s being said. I just love how the guttural Dutch syllables pop in and out over the bubblegum instrumental.

Uit Elkaar by Yes-R

For the English speakers who don’t know what’s this song’s about, here’s the video so you’ll get an idea:

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