Monday Guilty Pleasure: “Recession Chic”

empty bulgari
Yes, we’re all in this global downturn all together, but there’s something wonderful about watching rich people “cut back.” It brings a warm tingle of schaudenfreude to my dark, evil heart. Maybe it’s because I was a scholarship kid at a schmacy private school during the Bush years; something inside me loves watching the obscenely rich get uncomfortable. Jezebel did a great job of hateration a few weeks back when they eviscerated a ridiculous Times article about running a party on a “budget.” The writer was just stunned that he had to go… wait for it…K-Mart! And Jack’s 99 Cent store! Oh no. And who showed him these places? The damn event planner he hired. C’mon, buddy.

I get the feeling that a lot of people are still playing “recession house”, and not ready to grasp that this will take some time. At the end of the day I’d like to see everyone get back on their feet. But in the mean time, I eagerly await the articles about the day that the repo-men emptied the country house, or when they had to pawn their twelve-year-old daughter’s Louis Vuitton’s backpack.

Rich Girls by The Virgins

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